The City of Guelph’s Economic Development team works with businesses to make it easy for them to succeed.

Guelph, a city located in Ontario, Canada, is a welcoming city for any new business, offering competitive land and building development and business operating costs partnered with a variety of employment lands and buildings to suit most business needs.

To discover the business advantages Guelph has to offer, please feel free to contact our staff on a confidential basis and discover why you should grow your future here.

Economic Development

Guelph Economic Development works with businesses to make it easy for them to succeed by providing services such as:

  • Site Location Analysis.
  • Assistance With Expansion Projects.
  • Advice and Referrals To Government Agencies and Organizations.
  • Sound Data and Business Intelligence.
  • Rail Support From Guelph Junction Railway.
Sector Profiles

We make it easy to do business with City Hall. Whether it’s choosing a site, growing your business or finding new markets, we’re here to help!