Inside LiveXChange

On October 18-20, Group C Media, Inc.’s annual Business Facilities LiveXchange event will take place at Sanibel Harbour Resort & Spa in Fort Myers, FL. For five years now, LiveXchange has provided a unique and intensive meeting ground for site selectors and senior economic developers, supplemented with an all-star list of guest speakers addressing critical topics impacting on the current environment for development and economic growth.

The up-close-and-personal interaction at LiveXchange between site selectors representing pre-qualified, big-ticket projects and the leading economic development specialists across the country has made the event a high-impact opportunity that provides a focal point for an essential part of the site-selection process.

During our upcoming LiveXchange in Fort Myers, FL, in October, Group C Media is introducing a new event that will apply our LiveXchange concept to the real estate services sector. The new event, called Commercial Property Navigator LiveXchange, also will be held at the Sanibel Harbour Resort & Spa.

Group C Media also is planning to take the LiveXchange concept to Amsterdam in 2010. According to Group C Media Co-President Ted Coene, the company will soon select a venue in Europe for the first overseas LiveXchange, which will take place next spring.

“The site selection process has been globalized in recent years, so we know that there is tremendous interest in overseas markets for the unique opportunities that can be provided by a LiveXchange event,” says Coene. “Ultimately, we believe this model can be applied globally, and we anticipate that it will be well received in all major markets. We will be extending invitations to our first overseas event to participants in Asia as well as Europe and the U.S.”

Coene says this fall’s Commercial Property Navigator LiveXchange is the next step in fulfilling Group C’s commitment to provide high-quality, value-add publications, online services and events that address the full life cycle of facilities development. Commercial Property Navigator LiveXchange will join a suite of successful products that include Business Facilities and Today’s Facilities Manager magazines, Business Facilities LiveXchange, The TFM Forum, the annual Business Facilities Site Seekers’ Guide, and a growing array of online services and databases.

“From the moment a company decides it needs to build, lease, or consolidate a new facility, corporate executives in charge of this daunting task can turn to Business Facilities or attend Business Facilities LiveXchange to find the perfect location,” Coene explains.

“Once the perfect location or building is identified, decision makers can now turn to Commercial Property Navigator LiveXchange to find the strategic services that are essential to successful commercial real estate development. Navigator LiveXchange, like Business Facilities LiveXchange, will create the most time-efficient and cost-effective event in the marketplace. High levels of repeat participation at Group C Media events demonstrate the value to participants year after year.”

Architectural, construction and engineering services will be represented at Navigator LiveXchange, as well as brokerage, legal, property management and financial service providers.

Like Business Facilities LiveXchange, Navigator LiveXchange will utilize our unique Group C Link Web-based application to maximize the return from every meeting at Navigator LiveXchange. Group C Link creates a customized itinerary for every attendee. In coming months, Group C also will undertake an interactive upgrade of its online Site Seekers’ Guide database. “We intend to be the one-stop shop providing everything that is needed for commercial real estate development throughout the life cycle of a project,” Coene says.

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