INSIDE LIVEXCHANGE: Staying Ahead Of A Rapidly Changing Curve

Anatalio Ubalde, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, GIS Planning Inc. &

By Business Facilities Staff
From the September/October 2012 issue

Each year, our LiveXchange event provides a fertile meeting ground for site selectors and senior economic developers. The 2012 LiveXchange—our 8th annual event, which is being held at the Hyatt Regency in Bonita Springs, FL on Oct. 28-30.—will be no exception.

In addition to presenting a business-friendly opportunity for locations to zero in on pre-qualified, viable projects, LiveXchange also offered a thought-provoking mix of presentations from industry experts on key issues facing the development community. As he did last year, GIS Planning CEO Anatalio Ubalde will be anchoring a general session that will give attendees insights into the rapidly changing landscape of economic development and site selection.

Anatalio’s presentation for our general session at LiveXchange is entitled Site Selection and Economic Development Disruption. Here’s a summary of a talk you won’t want to miss:

Corporate site selection, business, and economic development are changing rapidly and dramatically. Change is reshaping our work, how we work with customers, and who our customers are. If it feels like you’re operating under new rules, it’s because you are—and you might not even know what they are. This discussion will cover key trends affecting the site selection process, economic development, and business today, including these specific topics:

  • Big Data: Every successful major corporation today uses “big data” to identify insights on how to succeed into the future. Big data also is having a profound impact on real estate decisions and where to locate.
  • Talent: Quality employees are in high demand; they are a scarce commodity that businesses battle to get. The value of a business and talent environment will be analyzed to identify new opportunities for corporate and community success.
  • Small is the New Big: Small businesses and entrepreneurs are key to the economic recovery. They also represent a huge market opportunity for communities that nurture local businesses, and for small businesses that are growing and need new corporate facilities.
  • Site Selection: Today’s corporate site selection looks different than it was in the past. Industry targets are changing and misaligning. The ways to serve businesses in the site selection process are changing and the barriers to connecting companies with communities are falling.
  • Chaotic Change: Change happens fast and comes with powerful consequences. Assumptions and predictions are falling apart. Chaos and uncertainty are becoming the new normal. Ways to survive and thrive will be discussed so you can come out on top.

Anatalio Ubalde works with organizations throughout the nation to foster enhanced economic development strategies using Internet technology. His company’s strategies are implemented in 39 states and serve the majority of the 50 largest cities in the United States. GIS Planning’s ZoomProspector Enterprise web-based GIS product is the industry standard for site selection websites.

Business Facilities LiveXchange is an invitation-only event for corporate executives responsible for choosing a new location for their companies’ next facility. Delegates meet with senior economic developers from across North America; attend seminars, workshops and think tanks led by experts in th field of relocation and expansion; and network with other corporate executives faced with the same corporate growth challenges. For more information about how your organization can attend our upcoming LiveXchange event, visit this link.