Industrial Diversity Propels New England Growth

This U.S. region is exhibiting notable employment growth across a variety of industry sectors.

Bangor, Maine: The Right Size To Meet All Your Needs

Bangor is here to meet all your needs for your business and community life.

A city of approximately 33,000 people, Bangor, Maine is just the right size to have both the amenities and services of city life but remains small enough to keep the New England small town friendliness and charm.

Bangor was chosen to be home to lumber industry titans in the 1800s. The homes of those early business leaders are retained in the downtown walkable neighborhoods. These neighborhoods, carefully laid out, exist as Bangor’s most popular neighborhoods to reside in. City parks dot these neighborhoods for play and recreation, and the City Forest nearby provides the necessary forest bath for hiking or bicycling.

Bangor, Maine
With a population of 33,000, Bangor, Maine assets include Bangor International Airport, which is part of the international trade zone and surrounded by thriving industrial and distribution businesses. (Photo: Nick Navarre Photography, courtesy of City of Bangor)


Regional reach. As Bangor progressed into new centuries, the city has become the center for services for the Penobscot, Piscataquis, and Hancock regions. The downtown is a healthy mix of offices/services, retail stores, restaurants, independent coffee shops, and apartments. Bangor also has many options for the arts with museums, theater spaces, and galleries. Outdoor seating, public art and murals, and seasonal events all add to a vibrant ambiance that is welcoming and active.

Bangor International Airport is part of the international trade zone and is surrounded by thriving industrial and distribution businesses. The city owns former military properties in the area that are ready for office/industrial development needs. The city offers a thriving Innovation Center, and plans are activated for an 18,000-square-foot commercial kitchen to support small food industry businesses. The city also works with UpstartME and the educational community to look at more ways to support the business community.

Bangor continues to support a regional retail area containing many destination retail stores, restaurants, and services. These areas continue to see redevelopment and infill.

Entertainment abounds. There are nationally recognized entertainment venues in Bangor, ME—a casino, a harness racetrack, athletic fields, and live theater produced locally and from tours. The city also welcomes national bands and acts at the waterfront concert venue that holds up to 18,000 people. The city’s Cross Insurance Center is another large venue for national and international events year-round.

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These amenities have increased the city’s visitation numbers, and many visitors see Bangor as a base camp whereby there are things to see and do here, and in an hour in any direction, you can be at Acadia National Park, the ocean, lakes, mountains, including Baxter State Park.

Health care anchors. Northern Light Hospital and St Joseph’s Hospitals and their affiliate service providers are anchors in the community, providing both medical professional positions and services to attract businesses and residents to the whole region.

Bangor has a flourishing educational community. Husson University is a partner with the city for business development and training, as is Eastern Maine Community College. The University of Maine at Augusta’s Bangor campus is also an anchor with the city to provide educational opportunities in many fields. University of Maine at Orono is 15 minutes away and also partners with the city on Livable Communities, Climate Action Planning, workforce development, and training opportunities. All these institutions have arts and sports programming, adding to the varied activities to make Bangor a great place to live. Big city amenities, small-town life!

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