Indiana 5E Strategy Propels Growth

With an eye on the future, the Hoosier State created a plan that aims to advance the environment, economy, and energy transition.

By Roneshia Thomas
From the July/August 2023 Issue


With a focus on energy, Indiana is home to several industries that are working to lower energy footprints and reach ESG goals. In December 2021, the Hoosier State announced its 5E Strategy to drive success. The 5E Strategy is a focus on built environment and quality of place, with hopes of building an economy of the future with next-gen industry, leaning into entrepreneurship, creating a plan to navigate and lead in the energy transition, and promoting Indiana’s advantages and accomplishments through external engagement.

Last year, Indiana saw more than $22 billion in capital investment creating over 24,000 jobs—breaking capital investment records for the state.

“Indiana’s economy is firing on all cylinders,” said Governor Eric J. Holcomb. “These investment and job commitments will transform our high-tech industries and ensure that Hoosiers are at the forefront of the 21st century economy. Our strategic focus on advancing entrepreneurship, innovation, and quality of place is igniting our neighborhoods and communities statewide, providing more opportunities for Hoosiers and their families to thrive.”

Indiana 5E Strategy
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Indiana’s Regional Economic Acceleration and Development Initiative (READI) has supported the 5E Strategy by designating $500 million to 17 regions across the state in order to accelerate shovel-ready projects expected to transform Indiana communities, attract talent, and improve the quality of life. READI is on track to yield a total project investment of over $9 billion to enhance regions statewide.

In addition to offering the READI program, the Hoosier State found success in advancing its automotive industry—attracting $3 billion in investment from companies to build EVs and EV batteries. Indiana ranks second in overall automotive production.

The 5E Strategy also touts the importance of clean energy development. Indiana offers eight power providers, over 15 regulated gas distribution companies, 16,000 miles of high-voltage power transmission lines, and over 1,800 miles of natural gas transmission pipeline. The strategy focuses on enhancing energy security and ensuring continued affordability for energy customers. The state is ranked fourth in the U.S. for new clean energy projects, with 5,104 megawatts of projects under development.

“There is more momentum around the energy transition than at any time in the state’s history…and Indiana is committed to leading in it, not just participating,” said Indiana Secretary of Commerce Brad Chambers.

Hoosier Energy Delivers Diverse and Balanced Energy Mix Focused on Reliability, Affordability, Sustainability

What do you do when over 2.3 million people live within your geographic footprint?

In the case of Hoosier Energy, you dedicate yourself to strengthening those communities by supporting existing businesses, encouraging expansion, and welcoming new business development.

Indiana 5E Strategy
Hoosier Energy is made up of 18 member cooperatives across the state of Indiana and into southeastern Illinois. (Photo: Hoosier Energy)


That’s been the goal for Hoosier Energy since its inception as a generation and transmission cooperative nearly 75 years ago.

“Our founders’ goal was simple—devise a strategy to bring reliable and affordable electricity to Hoosiers and secure more affordable wholesale power rates,” said Scott Bowers, Senior Vice President of Government and Community Relations. “We operate today with the same vision and clarity that have served our cooperative since 1949.”

Today, Hoosier Energy is made up of 18 member cooperatives across the state of Indiana and into southeastern Illinois and delivering power through a 1,730-mile transmission network.

“Our team is knowledgeable of local employers, available sites, and buildings, as well as hyper-local data not available through most data [sources]”

– Harold Gutzwiller, Hoosier Energy

Along the way, the Hoosier Energy Economic Development Team cultivated the knowledge and experience to meet the needs of different types of business customers. And businesses aren’t just customers. Since Hoosier Energy is a cooperative, customers are also member-owners.

That makes Hoosier Energy more accessible, more accountable, and more responsive, providing a personal touch that can be hard to find in companies that answer to shareholders.

“We have local insight from working directly with dozens of local and regional economic development organizations in Indiana and Illinois,” said Harold Gutzwiller, Manager of Economic Development. “Our team is knowledgeable of local employers, available sites, and buildings as well as hyper-local data not available through most data subscription software and services.”

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In addition, Hoosier Energy is a forward-looking company with a diverse and balanced energy mix that is focused on reliability, affordability, and sustainability. That approach means Hoosier Energy and its member systems can offer custom rates, economic development rates, and green options while securing infrastructure development and power delivery.

“We are committed to establishing long-term relationships, not short-term transactions,” Gutzwiller said. “Our team’s knowledge and 70+ years of experience, combined with the ability to leverage the speed and flexibility offered by the cooperative model, results in a custom approach tailored to a business’ needs.”

Every time that goal is met, Hoosier Energy takes another step toward helping businesses and community leaders work toward a stronger, more responsible energy future.

In a rapidly changing energy landscape, that’s the kind of leadership, vision, action, experience, and innovation that 2.3 million people are counting on.

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