How To Sell CFOs On Energy Efficiency Projects

Energy efficiency projects are a tough sell to CFOs: they are rarely a main priority when approving budgets, and there are usually greater ROI projects to fund before doing energy retrofits. As a building manager, how do you push through the projects you know will be beneficial in the long run? Creative financing and strong measurement and verification (M&V) are crucial to bringing buildings to peak performance and getting buy-in from CFOs. Financing that bundles large capital projects so that they look more like operational projects makes them more attractive, and strong M&V makes the projects proveable, and thus scalable. Imagine putting no money down and getting performance guarantees on equipment upgrades which you only pay back through energy savings. It’s not fiction, and it’s easier to do than you might think. In this webinar, learn from expert project finance professionals who teach you how to effectively leverage finance for your energy projects. You’ll also discover a framework for how to use software to get projects over the hump and rely on the success of those projects to justify future and ongoing improvements. You will learn:

  • What financing mechanisms are available to finance building improvement projects
  • How to leverage innovative finance mechanisms in order to undertake those energy projects with zero cash upfront and easy approval from your CFO
  • A framework for easily conducting project M&V and ongoing commissioning

Register now for this free webinar! Creative Financing And M&V: How To Sell Your CFO On Energy Efficiency Projects Date: Wednesday, June 17, 2015 Time: 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT Featured Speakers: Joseph Aamidor and Doug Golden lucid-webinar-banner  

About the speakers:

Joseph Aamidor serves as director of product at Lucid Design Group, guiding the product strategy for the firm’s energy management software solutions. Aamidor is a subject matter expert in sustainability and energy issues, with 10 years of experience in consulting and software product management, sales, and implementation.

As Director of Business Development, Doug Golden is responsible for leading Metrus’ growth efforts, including direct sales of energy efficiency projects to large commercial and industrial customers and the recruitment of new channel partners. Prior to joining Metrus, Golden served as the managing director and co-founder of NRG Energy Inc.’s Business Solutions group, where he led the development and sale of products and services including large-scale distributed generation (solar and CHP), demand response, and energy efficiency. 

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