We work with 59 counties in central and southern Indiana and Illinois. Browse our GIS-based maps for the property, company and demographic data that make this region truly unique.

What Indiana Has To Offer

With easy access to the airport, highway and railway transportation systems, Indiana remains a major attraction for manufacturers and distribution centers. And our labor force is specially trained in the agriculture, manufacturing and financial industries, with tech-savvy future leaders educated at many acclaimed local universities, including Indiana University, Purdue University, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, Ball State University, Butler University, Ivy Tech and many more.


  • Several available and buildings sites conveniently located with easy access to highway, rail and air shipping options
  • Continued investment in robust electric transmission systems to maintain the highest reliability
  • Over the last decade, over 180 industrial and commercial customers have expanded their facilities, and over 220 new industries have located to our area, generating over 15,000 new jobs and $3.7 billion in new investments, translating to an increase of over 316 megawatts of industrial need for electricity.

Infrastructure and Target Industries

  • Prevalent warehouse manufacturing zones
  • Traditional Industrial/assembly plant workforce
  • Strong growth in cutting edge/technology/green companies
  • Agricultural/value added companies
  • Established supporter of professional and amateur sports and supporting businesses
  • Access via Hoosier Energy to a strong, established electric transmission infrastructure


  • Continued robust manufacturing sector
  • More than 82% of workforce has a high school diploma or higher
  • Rapid growth in cutting edge computer, industrial and medical technology fields
  • Local campuses of Indiana University, Rose-Hulman, Purdue and Ivy Tech lead the way in engineering, science and medical technologies

Tax Incentives

Relocating to Indiana brings with it a variety of significant financial advantages, including:

  • State grants and incentives
  • Local incentives
  • Tax abatement
  • Low workers compensation and unemployment insurance costs


View Hoosier Energy’s page devoted to the topic of financial incentives, including a comprehensive list of grants available, here.

To calculate a quick estimate of what your workers comp taxes would be in Indiana, check our website.

To calculate the value of a tax abatement on new real property or equipment investments in Indiana, click here.

Indiana Business Research Center

Created and maintained by Indiana University’s Kelly School of Business, the Indiana Business Research Center offers a thorough, flexible and convenient research portal. The Center lets you sift through the plethora of information to pinpoint factors most important to you to make an informed decision about relocating to our remarkable territory. Click here to go to the Indiana Business Research Center.

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