Looking To A Healthy Future

Significant population shifts, the pandemic, and Industry innovations are shaping the site decisions healthcare and medical device companies are making.

Sammon said that currently, the typical turnaround time for a pathogen diagnosis test in a traditional lab is about three days, with that time extending up to seven to 10 days in rural or military settings. Thanks to their location at HudsonAlpha near the region’s high concentration of engineering talent, GeneCapture has been able to quickly prototype its device to help meet the need for rapid pathogen detection.

GeneCapture is currently working on further development to prepare for FDA clearance to bring the diagnostic device to a commercial market. Within the past two years, GeneCapture has made history by developing the first automated rapid pathogen identification device that detects pathogens from a non-modified and non-amplified patient’s sample in about an hour.

As a HudsonAlpha resident associate company, GeneCapture leveraged the entrepreneurial ecosystem to reach its corporate goals. GeneCapture has accessed the skilled pipeline of talent from nearby colleges and universities, significant hardware prototyping and software development expertise, and private and government funding opportunities. Add to this HudsonAlpha’s passion for fostering growing companies. Every piece of the puzzle has been at GeneCapture’s fingertips as it creates devices for better outcomes and patient care.

Following its trajectory as it expands diagnostic offerings, HudsonAlpha shares GeneCapture’s excitement for the future at the Institute and in Huntsville, AL.

Lehigh Valley, PA: Source Of Life-Saving Innovations

The orthopedic implants that revived your daughter’s athletic career. The tiny camera that caught your dad’s treatable colon cancer early. The at-home COVID-19 test that helped your family feel safe about gathering to celebrate a major milestone. These and other life-changing advances have come from a location you may not immediately identify with the growing life sciences sector: Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania.