H & H Receives Funding For Chippewa Michigan Grow Facility

Nutraceutical pill with fruit inside. Posted by Heidi Schwartz

iMD Companies, Inc. has secured the funding needed to commence the construction of the first grow facility on the Chippewa Indian Reservation in Michigan. H & H Organics Investments is expected to receive $50 million in funds borrowed against assets owned by the Tribal Group. Ground will be broken on the inaugural facility when the transfer of money is received by R-Quest Hydroponics.

H & H and R-Quest have an exclusive contract to design, construct and equip all grow room facilities. H & H has an agreement with the Chippewa Indian reservation to build out the first grow rooms for nutraceutical products. R-Quest Hydroponics will be the beneficiary of those agreements and iMD Companies Inc., has been advised by H & H in regards to the funding and schedule of the build outs for these grow rooms.

“The Michigan facility project secures a very important element to our identity as a commercial grow facility builder and administrator,” said Jim Filkins, V.P. of Sales for iMD Companies. “But the residual effects are far more reaching as we will use our manufacturing capabilities in the development of products and components to be utilized in these facilities while also distributing them to the open market.”