Great Eastern Energy Beta Tests Energy Management App

Posted by Anne Cosgrove

Great Eastern Energy (GEE) has partnered with UM Technologies, a provider of utility-based custom software applications, to construct and maintain its first customer dashboard and analytical portal for energy management. The beta version of the web-based application is currently being tested by a select group of the company’s customers to gain additional insights before being made available to all GEE customers later this year. GEE is an alternative energy supplier of natural gas, electricity, and energy solutions in NY, NJ, and MA.

The GEE Energy Management web-based application, accessible through any device equipped with a web browser, helps property managers and executives gain insight, understand, and reduce their overall energy consumption by measuring, tracking, and comparing their energy performance in real time.

The recently released portal will provide GEE customers with annual budgeting, savings analysis, document management, community based benchmarking, data management, variance and purchasing alarms, and a robust suite of custom reports. The workflow system unites GEE, the customer, and/or the brokerage community in a process where opportunities to lower costs are achieved quickly and efficiently.

“It has been a thorough and exhaustive search of the marketplace and we are sure that UM Tech will produce and maintain a premium quality product designed to give GEE customers a distinct advantage in managing their energy consumption,” said Matt Lanfear, CEO for GEE. “We are thrilled to be engaging our customers on a deeper level.”

“UM Tech is proud to partner with GEE in the customization of its portal and is confident that GEE will set the standard for what customers require of their energy partner,” said Scott Stiner, CEO and President, UM Technologies, LLC.