Quality of Life

What does that even mean? Instead of jargon, how about talking truth. Being real is what Topeka is good at anyway. Topeka is a great place to live. This place has everything you need to have a vibrant life.

Easy living. Rewarding jobs.  Art.  Culture.  Entertainment.  Delicious food.  Fantastic drink.  Good schools.  Awesome parks.  Stunning sunsets.

Underneath those bonafides is something less tangible that makes this place such a win. We’re still evolving, which means there’s room for you to land here and make your mark. The city is big enough to have the resources and amenities needed for a dream life, but still small enough to be shaped by big dreams. Including yours. Since this is a brochure about “quality of life,” we’re going to share what the city has to offer you. But since we’re Topeka and we’re true, we’re going to translate it into the way humans talk. Get ready for all the info plus the real scoop.