The passage of a half-cent sales tax for economic development related activities has enabled our community to be among the most aggressive communities in the Midwest. The half-cent sales tax generates $5 million a year and is set up to be used expressly for economic development related activities such as site acquisition, infrastructure, equipment purchases, training, etc. The community can focus financial resources on projects that have a substantial impact on the economy. There are a variety of local incentives available depending on the type of business and the project specifics. The local financial incentives are performance-based and center around the number of new jobs created, average hourly wages and capital investment.  Outlined below are examples of possible local incentives that Topeka and Shawnee county may offer.

GO Topeka recognizes the importance of a skilled workforce. As part of an incentive package, GO Topeka may offer a cash training grant based on the scope of the project.

Based on the scope of the project and the projected average annual salary of the jobs created, GO Topeka may offer an aggressive performance-based cash grant payable over five years as earned.

Capital Investment:
Land/ Facility:
GO Topeka may offer cash grants paid upon proof of investment in real property.

GO Topeka may offer cash grants paid upon proof of equipment investment.

GO Topeka may offer to assist in infrastructure costs for necessary improvements such as extension of utility lines and road improvements required for development.

Choose Topeka:
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Additional Available Partner Incentives:
Evergy (Electric Utilities Provider) Incentive
Kansas Gas Service (Gas Service Utilities Provider) Incentive
State of Kansas Incentives