Georgia Welcomes Americus Fresh Near Jimmy Carter Airport

Americus Fresh will build a new facility in Sumter County, Georgia near the Jimmy Carter Regional Airport.

Americus Fresh will invest $56 million in a new 338,000-square-foot facility near the Jimmy Carter Regional Airport in Sumter County, Georgia. Its water usage is estimated to be 1% of a traditional grower. Americus Fresh will grow, pack, and ship its produce from Americus, employing a minimum of 84 mid-salary jobs. The new Americus building will represent the company’s first Georgia location, a strategic move critical in reaching customers throughout the southeast and the entire country.

Jimmy Carter
(Photo: Sumter County Georgia Development Authority)

Americus Fresh is a leader in organic farming, which continuously monitors its product conditions, known as tech-enabled farming. Plants are grown in an “enclosed facility” through shipment. Organic seeds, nutrients, filtered air, and water variability are all Hardee Fresh/Americus Fresh product identifications. Hardee Fresh is the only certified organic vertical farm in the U.S.

“The State of Georgia and the Sumter County Development Authority were instrumental in the development of a second facility,” said Tyler Jacoby, Chief Agronomist for Hardee Fresh. “The warm welcome we received and the partnerships we have formed give us hope for future expansion. Sumter County is the ideal location for the next Hardee Fresh facility because agriculture is so strong in the area.” 

Americus Fresh’s innovative technology will provide the country with locally grown and packed, healthy food. Support from the State of Georgia and from the Sumter County Development Authority made this new venture possible for Hardee Fresh.

“Premium organic, plus fresh, is the optimal way to grow food,” said Rusty Warner, Executive Director of the Sumter County Development Authority. “We are thrilled Hardee Fresh chose Americus and Sumter County for the location of its state-of-the-art bio-grow facility. We appreciate Hardee Fresh’s significant investment in our community and look forward to a long-term partnership! Americus Fresh is a perfect fit.”

Construction of the new building near the Jimmy Carter Regional Airport will begin soon, with a preliminary completion date within the third quarter of 2024.

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