Georgia Shippers Moving Goods To Front Lines Of COVID-19 Battle

The Georgia Ports Authority is helping importers to get critical equipment and supplies into the hands of frontline health workers.

As the nation works to provide necessary equipment and supplies in the fight against COVID-19, the Georgia Ports Authority (GPA) is helping importers to get these critical goods into the hands of frontline health workers.

GPA Georgia Ports Authority
(Photo: Georgia Ports Authority)

The Port of Savannah is collaborating with companies such as Drive Medical, a major supplier of beds, IV poles and other goods needed at COVID-19 pop-up hospitals around the country. GPA is providing real-time information with direct visibility on vessel status, estimated time of arrival and container availability, as well as expedited container processing for cargo destined for COVID-19 hotspots such as New York, Detroit and New Orleans.

With help from shipping lines and cargo owners, GPA can also identify containers, locate them on the vessel via U.S. Customs manifests and speed vessel discharge for specific containers. GPA staff aids the movement of containers by coordinating with ocean carriers, container operations and rail teams, the trucking community, and, if necessary, U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

The Port of Savannah is a hub for medical supply importers, which includes customers who use third-party logistics providers to oversee and expedite cargo movement. These time-sensitive medical supplies are moving through Garden City Terminal to help hospitals across Georgia, the U.S. Southeast and the nation fight the spread of COVID-19.

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