Follow the Bouncing Globe

From the Desk of the Editor in Chief

After nearly two years of tracking all of the gloomy ramifications of a lengthy economic downturn, this year’s Global Issue offers a refreshing change of pace. On these pages, we assess the global recovery and tell you which locations are bouncing back faster.

Around the world, we keep hearing the same message: innovation is the key to maximizing the rebound.

Our annual global trek took us to Switzerland, where a majestic barrier of Alpine peaks symbolically shielded the Swiss from the worst ravages of the recession. A nation naturally protected from foreign invasion is now welcoming an influx of foreign capital. The wave of FDI has propelled Switzerland to the top ranking in the World Economic Forum’s annual Global Competitiveness survey, topping the U.S., a perennial leader.

We also traveled to distant shores in the Far East, where Hong Kong is showing great resilience and almost keeping pace with the astronomical growth rates of its big brother in China. Along the way, we made stops in several Caribbean nations building a high-tech industrial base to complement their traditional revenue from tourism; we took a close look at some 21st Century research and development facilities in the Czech Republic; and we marveled at Belgium’s steadfast climb on the world’s financial ladder.

We encourage you to take the tour and ride the rebound. It is bound to lift your spirits.