Florida Has Broad Benefits For Business

The Sunshine State offers incentives to all industries that want to take advantage of its robust infrastructure.

Pinellas County Is Facilitating The Next Generation Of Industrial And Office Space

With a collaborative focus on expansion strategies, Pinellas County, FL is helping manufacturers and Class A office users prepare for Industry 4.0 and the workforce of tomorrow by offering up over $90 million in funding to bring new and upgraded facilities and tenants to Pinellas County’s thriving industrial market.

Florida benefits for business
Pinellas County has new and upgraded facilities to support the county’s thriving industrial market. (Photo: Pinellas County)


Located on West Florida’s Central Gulf Coast, Pinellas County, Florida is a manufacturing powerhouse, surrounded by idyllic coastal towns and award-winning beaches like Clearwater Beach and St. Pete Beach. With a rich heritage of manufacturing in industries including defense, medical devices, electronics, aviation, and aerospace, Pinellas leads as second in the state for the number of manufacturing establishments and third for number of manufacturing employees. As a top destination for business and financial corporate headquarters, the community is home to companies such as Jabil, TD Synnex, Raymond James, and HSN. With a growing, trained workforce, and companies expanding facilities to make room for innovation, Pinellas offers multiple ways to help with site readiness and assistance for scaling up. Pinellas County Economic Development (PCED) has been deployed to take a hands-on, personalized approach to foster high-wage growth by collaborating with developers and companies to produce superior industrial and Class A office facilities.

Pinellas County has been at the forefront for decades to help usher in the next wave of manufacturing and recruiting C-suites by offering the tools, resources, and the environment to drive job creation and investment in an evolving business environment. With the support of over $90 million set aside by the Pinellas County Commission dedicated to the Employment Sites Program, the county is undertaking an ambitious revitalization and modernization of industrial and office sites, enabling increased maximization for functional efficiency of industrial park facilities, upgraded infrastructure and stormwater retention capabilities, expansions, and new construction. In the first two years of the program, new office and industrial construction has already accelerated with over 1,095,693 square feet of Class A office and industrial space approved for funding, with multiple projects in various stages of completion or near completion for tenants in defense, aerospace, high-tech components and electronics assembly, pharmaceuticals and more. The Employment Sites Program initiative is working to recruit and empower investment and job growth in Pinellas County.

Director of Economic Development, Dr. Cynthia Johnson, explains, “Adequate, modern, industrial, and Class A office space has such a profound impact on attracting companies. The Employment Sites Program has helped to jump start the development of high-impact, transformational industrial, and Class-A office properties in Pinellas County that attract tenants that create jobs, promote innovation, and accelerate long-term sustainable economic growth in our region.”

Visit www.pced.org for more information.

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