FIRST WORD: Take Your Pick

Jack Rogers, Editor in Chief, Business Facilities

From the September/October 2012 issue

With politicians roaming the nation in search of votes and football titans clashing on the gridiron, everyone seems to be consumed with making their picks this fall.

If you’re as tired as we are of doubletalk from candidates and mixed signals from clueless refs, we encourage you to curl up with our annual Editors’ Location Picks. We’ve taken care to mine the economic development landscape for some sparkling gems that have earned a place in our yearly showcase. As always, it was much harder winnowing the field of worthy locations than it was singing their praises on our pages.

We’re also pleased to give you a front-row seat as we have an in-depth chat with Gov. Steve Beshear of Kentucky about his diverse and effective strategy for growth. With new and expanded production from Ford, Toyota and GM, Kentucky has emerged as an automotive powerhouse. But the Bluegrass State is about much more than fast cars, fast horses and great bourbon. From advanced batteries to a global logistics hub, Kentucky is moving forward and heading for the top tier.

We also encourage you to sample our comprehensive review of emerging high-tech hubs. These technology centers are popping up in unexpected places, quickly moving advances out of the labs and into nearby end-markets.

There’s a lot to digest in this year’s busy fall harvest. Check out this issue and take your pick.

Jack Rogers
Editor in Chief