Firestone Airide Invests $26M At Existing Kentucky And Tennessee Sites

A supplier of air springs for the EV industry, the company has opened distribution centers at its manufacturing sites in Williamsburg, KY and Dyersburg, TN.

Firestone Airide recently opened new distribution centers at two of its U.S.-based manufacturing facilities — Williamsburg, Kentucky and Dyersburg, Tennessee. The total investment of approximately $26 million will enhance the company’s ability to serve its customers and increase operational efficiency. The facility expansions are designed to accommodate significant growth in the Airide air spring business.

Additionally, having the distribution centers located next to the manufacturing facilities aims to help reduce the company’s carbon footprint by eliminating transportation of goods from the two manufacturing facilities to a third-party operated distribution center.

“With their strategic locations and increased capability, the new distribution centers will enable us to shorten time-to-market to meet customer demands while further optimizing our operations,” said Justin Monaghan, President, Firestone Airide. “We have a vital role to play in the transformation of mobility created by advanced electric vehicles and supporting technologies, such as our Firestone air springs.”

Firestone Airide manufacturing and distribution plant in Williamsburg, Kentucky. (Photo: Bridgestone Americas)

This expansion follows the rebrand of Firestone Airide and recent launch of Air Command with Bluetooth control functionality. The investment in Williamsburg, KY builds upon a recent plant expansion to meet demand for the company’s air springs products, driven by the growing electric vehicle (EV) sector. The Williamsburg distribution center is 150,000 square feet, and the Dyersburg, TN distribution center is 80,000 square feet.

Firestone Airide is a global supplier of air springs for the EV industry, designed to improve ride comfort and handling, increase electric vehicle range, and help protect batteries from road impact and overheating. This expansion into the EV market was born from a history of designing and supplying air springs to the majority of commercial vehicle manufacturers in North America. Firestone Airide’s products include Ride-Rite™, Airide™, Airide™ Pro, Airogear™ and Marsh Mellow™ air springs.

Firestone Airide has operated these Kentucky and Tennessee facilities since 1989. Williamsburg produces air springs for automotive, heavy-duty truck and trailer, and seat/cab air springs applications. Dyersburg fabricates stamped metal components plates for air springs and finishes/crimps air springs for the automotive aftermarket (Ride-Rite), heavy-duty, and off-highway applications.

Firestone Airide, a division of Firestone Industrial Products, drives technology designed to eliminate vibration in global transportation. Bridgestone Americas, Inc., the U.S.-based subsidiary of Bridgestone Corporation, is a global leader in tires and rubber. Headquartered in Nashville, TN, the company acquired Firestone in 1988 and employs more than 45,000 people worldwide.

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