Endless Opportunities in North Carolina

North Carolina presents a wealth of opportunities for all types of businesses.

North Carolina presents a wealth of opportunities for all types of businesses. A superior educational system, a productive, adaptable workforce, low business costs, and an unparalleled quality of life are just a few of the reasons companies of all kinds are finding the state such an attractive choice for business.

Carolina On Your Mind?

As easily as flipping a switch, site selection professionals can order a detailed report on North Carolina sites, from mountains to coast, that matches a business’ specifications.

Within 48 hours of a request, ElectriCities of North Carolina will send profiles of locations that meet a company’s requirements. The not-for-profit government service organization ElectriCities represents cities and towns that own electric distribution systems within the state. It serves more than one million customers and also includes members in South Carolina and Virginia. The agency knows the capabilities of its more than 90 member communities, from site availability and infrastructure to the quality and number of golf courses.

Using ElectriCities as an introduction to the state of North Carolina, site search managers have a turnkey or “flip-switch” information source. “They find all the information they need in one place,” says ElectriCities’ economic development manager Brenda Daniels. While investor-owned utilities provide information only on their own electric services, ElectriCities’ staff produces a full profile, with photos of potential sites and buildings of carefully selected candidates for a company to consider. The process is fast, easy, cost-efficient, and entirely confidential.

Services to communities and their corporate citizens go far beyond producing the right information. This innovative agency has developed two Prime Power Parks in the cities of Albemarle, NC, located in the Piedmont’s lake country, and in Gastonia, NC, just off I-85, fifteen miles from Charlotte, NC. “These new industrial parks are NC Certified Sites with four megawatts of on-site backup power generation,” Daniels says. “If a company has a critical operation that can’t risk a power outage, they have a backup available, and don’t have to spend the money to purchase a generator.” This is a valuable asset for industries such as metalworking and automotive manufacturing, or for any high-intensity electricity user.

Whatever the needs of a business, the agency has the data and field knowledge to produce a selection of strong candidate sites. To learn more about how ElectriCities can help your company’s North Carolina site search, call Brenda Daniels at 800-768-7697, ext. 6363 or 919-218-7027; e-mail her at bdaniels@electricities.org; or visit www.electricities.com.

Power Up Your Site

North Carolina Touchstone Energy cooperatives deliver reliable power to more than 2.5 million members in 93 of the state’s 100 counties. As private, independent entities, the 26 cooperatives provide energy at cost to North Carolina businesses and homes.

The cooperatives specialize in helping businesses relocate to North Carolina. In addition to a complete portfolio of economic development services, the cooperatives have an inventory of business-ready industrial sites and buildings. They have already played a key role in bringing more than 14,600 jobs and $903 million of economic development to the state since 1995. And with a supportive infrastructure already in place, the cooperatives give companies a powerful edge before and after they open their doors for business.

Businesses also have access to tools for profitable, energy-saving performance. These range from energy audit services and rate flexibility to power quality services. And, thanks to the many powerful relationships the cooperatives have, assistance with financing is also available.

North Carolina’s electric cooperatives work closely with a number of organizations, including the North Carolina Department of Commerce, regional department of commerce partnerships, and the North Carolina Community College System. In addition, the cooperatives maintain a partnership with SmallBizU, an online academy that features one of the largest collections of online entrepreneurial training resources.

All of these benefits reflect North Carolina Touchstone Energy cooperatives’ commitment to maintaining a high standard of service. With the pro-business environment the cooperatives have helped create, companies have a stronger chance of growing and prospering in North Carolina. Plus, when businesses become members of a cooperative, they also become owners. Learn more at www.ncelectriccooperatives.com.

Winston-Salem Well-Suited For Business

Located in Forsyth County in the Piedmont Triad region of North Carolina, Winston-Salem is well-suited for business relocation and expansion. The area offers a diverse demographic, strong labor force, competitive tax rates, and an excellent supply of office and manufacturing sites.

Recent project announcements include the expansion of Liberty Hardware and Ken Garner Manufacturing. Liberty Hardware is leasing 526,000-square-feet of distribution space at Union Cross Business Park in Forsyth County, adding to its 690,000-square-foot distribution center and company headquarters. The project is valued at approximately $22 million.

Ken Garner Manufacturing, which manufactures counterweights for excavators and heavy construction machinery, located its expansion facility in Rural Hall in northern Forsyth County. The Chattanooga, TN-based company will create over 70 new jobs and invest $2 million in the plant.

Winston-Salem is one of seven international finalists for the 2008 Intelligent Community of the Year, as determined by the Intelligent Community Forum, a nonprofit think tank that focuses on job creation and economic development in the broadband economy. The winner will be announced in New York City in May.

Winston-Salem Business Inc. is an economic development agency that works with local businesses, government, and regional and state agencies to bring new business to the area. Explore www.wsbusinessinc.com to see what makes Winston-Salem an ideal location for manufacturing, financial services, distribution, technical research, and life sciences.