Electric Vehicles: Charging Up The Automotive Industry

Electric vehicles and other factors are transforming the auto market. Locations are touting supply chain, ready workforce, and more.

Seymour-Jackson County, Indiana Attracts Domestic And Global Auto Makers

Located on Interstate 65 in South Central Indiana, Seymour-Jackson County is home to a number of automotive suppliers, including two international Tier One companies ranked in the top 10 worldwide.

Seymour’s location (one hour south of Indianapolis, IN and one hour north of Louisville, KY) and transportation system (which includes two rail lines, two U.S. highways in addition to I-65, and a recently expanded Freeman Field airport with a 6,000-foot runway) has been extremely important in the attraction and expansion of both domestic and international companies during the nearly 39-year history of Jackson County Industrial Development Corporation (JCIDC).

Electric Vehicles Automotive Industry
Seymour-Jackson County’s location on Interstate 65 in South Central Indiana has been extremely important in the attraction and expansion of domestic and international companies. (Photo: Kevin Bell)


Seymour’s location and transportation system has been extremely important in the attraction and expansion of both domestic and international companies.

Among those companies are the Japan-based Aisin Corporation, which has several divisions located in Jackson County, and France-based Valeo, which has several locations in Seymour. Based on rankings by Automotive News, Aisin is the fifth largest supplier worldwide and Valeo is 10th. They are joined by several other automotive industry suppliers located throughout Jackson County and the South Central Indiana region including Cummins, which produces the company’s largest engine at its Seymour Engine Plant.

Aisin Drivetrain Inc. (ADI) recently completed a $55 million expansion, which will support what the company calls its “initiative to accelerate the electrification of vehicles to enhance fuel efficiency and reduce carbon emissions,” with the production of electric rear axle assembly and electric water pumps.

Thanks in part to its industrial growth, Jackson County was the fastest-growing rural county in Indiana, according to the 2020 Census, growing by 9.6%. The City of Seymour grew by 23.2% and now has a population of over 28,000 residents, which has also fueled expansion in other sectors of the economy, including housing and retail with an emphasis on downtown development and overall quality of place.

Jackson County also is an original member of the South Central Indiana regional marketing group, which encompasses a 10-county area that is served by three interstate highways and has a population of over 500,000 and resident workforce of 256,000. More than 30% of the region’s workforce is involved in manufacturing and logistics/distribution.

One of the most important aspects of Jackson County’s economic development efforts has been the continued growth of the JCIDC Workforce Partnership. Twenty-five years ago, the Partnership was created to bring industries and schools together to help prepare the “workforce of the future.”

With recent expansion at Seymour High School, emphasis has been on career technical education and focused on skills that area companies need: welding, precision machining, and robotics. Thanks also to the State of Indiana’s READI grant program (Regional Economic Acceleration and Development Initiative), this region was awarded nearly $30 million and many of those programs in Jackson County are expanding education and training opportunities.

Visit jcidc.com for more information.

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