Creekstone Farms Expands In Arkansas City, KS

Posted by Heidi Schwartz 

Creekstone Farms Premium Beef LLC, one of the largest employers in Cowley County, has announced that it will expand its operations in Arkansas City, KS. The beef processing company, which has been based in Arkansas City for over 10 years, currently employs 720 and anticipates hiring an additional 300 workers during the next five years.

“Creekstone Farms is an important contributor to our state’s economic growth and will continue to invest and create good jobs in Arkansas City,” Gov. Sam Brownback said. “It is great to see the company achieve success through its hard work. I would like to congratulate Creekstone and thank the company for its commitment to Kansas.”

“We are pleased to announce that Creekstone will be continuing its production in Arkansas City and is planning to expand as well,” said Creekstone’s General Counsel, S. Douglas Mackay. “With assistance and support from both state and local officials, we have been able to lay out a long-term plan that will grow Creekstone and add jobs.”

Creekstone Farms processes naturally and conventionally raised premium Black Angus beef. The existing building is a beef processing facility in which cattle are slaughtered and the meat processed and packaged for distribution. The company plans to replace areas of the existing building damaged by a recent fire. An additional building will include a new refrigerated fabrication floor area, packaging, combo cooler storage, refrigerated truck docks, processing support and equipment rooms, inspection and production offices and employee welfare spaces.

“Creekstone provides vital jobs to Arkansas City and surrounding communities,” said Kerri Falletti, Cowley County Economic Development Partnership director. “We have enjoyed working with the great staff at Creekstone through this process and look forward to continued work to see them grow.”

“We are excited to have Creekstone committing to be a long-term partner in our community,” said Nick Hernandez, Arkansas City’s city manager. “Arkansas City is likewise committed to assisting them in any way we can through this plan for growth.”

The Kansas Department of Commerce teamed with the Kansas Department of Agriculture, Kansas Department of Transportation, Arkansas City leadership and Cowley County Economic Development Partnership to support Creekstone’s expansion.