First Word: Covering The Bases

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers
Editor in Chief
Business Facilities

By Jack Rogers
From the May/June 2014 issue

In every issue of Business Facilities, we do our best to take a swing through as many locations, industry trends and growth strategies as we can squeeze into our magazine.

In this issue, we needed the digital equivalent of a shoehorn to make sure all the big hitters were in the lineup. The reports from our scouts were overflowing with timely information and we didn’t want to leave anyone on the bench.

Leading off is our Global Biotech Report, our most comprehensive look at a sector that’s expanding its reach as the time elapsing between molecular breakthroughs and commercial applications contracts. The tour starts in Manchester, a world-class hub and one of the crown jewels of the U.K.’s recovery, where researchers will take their game to another level at the new Graphene Institute, where medical uses for the miracle material will be explored. This isn’t your father’s biotech.

Contributing editor Jenny Vickers loads the bases with her annual round-up of locations that are fired up and ready to go with pre-certified, shovel-ready sites. The smart ones have come up with a wicked curve as they integrate workforce training into their delivery of services.

Our clutch hitter is Gov. Mike Pence, who gives us an inside look at Indiana’s effort to synch economic development with the speed of business, a strategy that’s running up the score in the Hoosier State.

We hope you’ll agree we hit it out of the park, but it’s time for us to stop pitching. Grab some peanuts and crackerjacks and enjoy the game!