Connecticut Setting Groundwork To Become First EV Friendly State

CT DOT Commissioner James Redeker, CT Electric Car Founder Ed Ingalls and CT DEEP Commissioner Dan Esty are committed to making Connecticut the first EV-friendly state in the country by 2014.

Posted by Heidi Schwartz

Connecticut officials and businesses have set their sites on becoming the first electric vehicle (EV) friendly state in the country. Officials plan to use funds from a settlement with Northeast Utilities and NStar to help double the number of electric car recharging stations in the state by the end of this year.

“As the demand grows for electric vehicles, so too does the need for charging stations,” said CT Electric Car Owner Ed Ingalls. “We’re really proud to live in a state where creating an EV-friendly infrastructure is a priority.”

The State Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) in tandem with the State Department of Transportation (DOT) announced the new initiative with the goal of bringing “an end to range anxiety” regarding electric vehicles. As the state moves the initiative forward, CT Electric Car hopes to expand the footprint of charging stations across the state.

“DEEP Commissioner Dan Esty and DOT Commissioner James Redeker said they want CT to be one of the first EV-friendly states by 2014,” said Ingalls.  “Both commissioners are committed to making that happen.

“The state’s new initiative will do a lot for people’s comfort level when it comes time to choosing an EV,” Ingalls added.  “The increase in the number of charging stations will give people peace of mind knowing they’ll always have a place to get a boost in their battery.

“Most EVs can now travel about 100–175 miles before a charge of their battery is needed,” adds Ingalls. “Therefore, as more EVs are sold, the demand continues to go up for charging stations.”