Business Testimonials
Cape Coral offers easy access to four international airports that get us to where we need to be to service our global clients.

Business Testimonials

Business Testimonials

“Cape Coral is the perfect place to host family, friends and clients. It offers easy access to four international airports that get us to where we need to be to service our global clients.”
–Susan M. and Guido Minaya, Owners, Minaya Learning Global Solutions

“Cape Coral is ideal for my business and my employees. I got a great deal on my building, which is just four miles from home. I find it easy to access city staff when I have a question, and even though this is a big town physically, it has a small town charm in people knowing and caring about each other. The Cape is a great place to own a business.”
–Jordi Tejero, Owner and President, CRS Technology Consultants

“I moved specifically to this area to buy this business. I love the area. In some ways, it’s a dream come true. You have the everyday challenges of running a business, but when it’s wintertime, you can go outside and sit by the water, whereas six months you were cooped up inside up North.”
–Chad Kovarik, Owner and President, Action Craft (Boats)

“In Cape Coral, our private career school has been able to grow from 700 sq. ft. to 6,500 sq. ft. in just six years. Cape Coral is a wonderful city. It’s safe, well-rounded and offers tremendous community support. I’d recommend Cape Coral as a home base for any aspiring business.”
–Sylvia Dorisme, Owner and President of Southwestern Vocational Training

“I love having my full service dental practice in Cape Coral because of its friendly, small town atmosphere. My wife and I picked this community for its high quality lifestyle and because it was a safe place to raise our three daughters. Twenty+ years later, we still love The Cape and would recommend it to any business looking for a place to call home.”
–Dr. Sudhanshu “Sam” Desai, Owner, Desai Dental Studios

“Cape Coral is the epicenter of opportunity for startup entrepreneurs and major corporations alike. Visiting from Pittsburgh in 1960, this is what my father, a third-generation businessman saw, in a dream called Cape Coral. His vision and insight into the value of Cape Coral has provided my family and our company the perfect location to grow and prosper.”
–Wayne R. Kirkwood, Presidents, Kirkwood Electric, Inc.

“The Cape Coral Economic Development Office has helped me to grow my business. I recommend the EDO to any business owner who wants a competitive edge.”
–Mark Veit, Owner, AAE Glass Studios

“We’ve had fantastic results in the past few years. I believe Cape Coral is in a very good position for growth.”
Lubo Silhavy, Owner, Twelve Twenty Two Executive Offices Suites & E-Center

“Cape Coral is a truly wonderful waterfront city. The outstanding water access and beautiful surroundings make it a perfect place for a marine business.
–Pete Huebner, Owner, Everest Marina

“I founded Cape Spirits – Wicked Dolphin distillery in Cape Coral because I live here and love it here. This city is a great place to do business, and we are very excited to be launching our latest product.. This is our own take on old-style Florida Everglades moonshine using over-proofed rum and a variety of natural ingredients. Our customers love to take our tours and buy our merchandise because our products all say “Cape Coral.”
–JoAnn Elardo, founder Cape Spirits

“We are excited to open our craft brewery in South Cape and thankful that all the City of Cape Coral departments worked together to help us open our doors. We love Cape Coral and its waterfront, want to do all we can to make our business ‘Cape-centric’ by using local people and products.”
–Heidi Moore-Hart, Her Hoppiness, Cape Coral Brewing Co.

“There’s a lot of camaraderie in the South Cape Coral business community. We all work together and help each other out.”
–Kelly Simes and Meghan Van Cour, Owners, Shear Art Hair Salon