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Ranked among the best places to live and do business, and located in the tax-friendly state of Florida, Cape Coral is a top contender for corporate relocations and business expansions for companies worldwide.

Cape Coral: A Market on the Rise

It Costs Less to Do Business in Cape Coral.

Cape Coral:  A Market on the Rise

Ranked as the top location in the U.S. for job gains, this city has much to offer.

According to recent census data, Cape Coral, Florida’s population jumped by 16%, to more than 175,000 year-round residents.   With an average of 266 days of sunshine a year, it’s no wonder Cape Coral continues to grow with rapid speed.

Forbes Magazine reports the Cape Coral MSA ranks No. 1 in the nation for recent job growth, noting that the arts, entertainment, recreation and construction industries are more than double the national average (July 2016).  As the largest city in Southwest Florida, Moody’s Analytics consistently ranks the Cape Coral MSA in the top 10 U.S. areas for future job growth.

CEO’s from across the country point to Florida as the No. 2 best state in the nation for doing business, thanks in large part, to fewer restrictions and no state income tax (Chief Executive Magazine, 2016).  The sunshine state is known for its pro-business tax policies, competitive cost of doing business and streamlined regulatory environment.

A few things to know about Cape Coral:

  • This community is home to nearly 400 miles of navigable canals—more than anywhere else in the world–making it ideal for marine services, ecotourism, and more
  • As the 10th largest city in Florida, Cape Coral is home to a large, talented workforce backed by stellar workforce training programs
  • Home to state-of-the-art water and utilities infrastructure
  • Projected to grow to more than 400,000; only 47% built out today with room to grow
  • Ideally suited for medical, light manufacturing, corporate headquarters and back office operations
  • New high-end conference center being built at the waterfront Westin Resort will be another draw for business leaders from around the world

This video was produced in 2013 by Today in America, and features the City of Cape Coral.

Today’s market conditions are ripe for investing in and relocating your business to Cape Coral. Let our Economic Development Team help you get started in finding the ideal site today.

View a sample demographics report available from the city’s economic development team.


#1 Ideal Business Environment

Cape Coral’s growth engine continues to be fueled by population growth, and the business environment will be sustained by investment in commercial and industrial development.

#2 It Costs Less to Do Business in Cape Coral

The state offers a competitive cost-of-doing-business environment and is consistently ranked as one of the top pro-business states in the country.

#3 Strategic Location

Cape Coral is one of the largest master-planned communities in the nation with modern infrastructure systems in place. Cape Coral is well-served with the essential utilities, roads and telecommunications resources that are necessary to support growth.

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