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Standing Strong In Illinois

From the city of big shoulders and across the Land of Lincoln, the state of Illinois’ broad business support shows.

Winning Combination: Business & Industrial Parks

Amidst economic shifts, demand for space and amenities provided by industrial parks and business parks remains high.

Why Alabama? A Q&A With Greg Canfield, Alabama Department of Commerce

Alabama Department of Commerce Secretary Greg Canfield discusses how the state fosters skilled labor with a workforce development agency buttressed by a 21st century Jobs Act.

The Last Word: A Fresh Take On Rural Communities

Taylor Murray, Manager, Location Analysis and Incentives with Maxis Advisors, discusses how rural communities offer a fresh take for sites, supply chain, and workforce factors.

Don’t Miss This! 2023 LiveXchange Conference Program Finalized

If you want to learn about workforce, incentives management, site selection strategies, professional development and more, don't skip this year's Business Facilities LiveXchange event.