Broadcast Equipment Supplier Adding 100 Jobs In Southwest Indiana

Electronics Research Inc. is expanding in the Town of Chandler, IN, thanks in part to tax credits and training grants from the state.

Electronics Research Inc. (ERI) will expand its operations in southwest Indiana, creating a total of up to 102 new jobs by the end of 2017. Based on the company’s job creation plans, the Indiana Economic Development Corporation is supporting the expansion project with up to $435,000 in conditional tax credits and up to $50,000 in training grants. The incentives are performance-based, so the company is not eligible to claim incentives until employees are hired. The Town of Chandler approved additional incentives at the request of Success Warrick County.

“Indiana is the ideal location for a company like ERI,” said Tom Silliman, president and chief executive officer of ERI. “Its geographically central location reduces transportation costs for the materials we use to manufacture our products and reduces the cost of shipping finished goods to our customers. The excellent state schools and universities provide ERI with the skilled workforce and engineering personnel required to design and produce the complex systems the company supplies to broadcasters all over the world.”

Chandler Indiana
(Photo: Ridgeline Broadcast Services, LLC)

ERI supplies services and products for the television and radio broadcasting industry. The company will invest $8 million to construct and equip three new buildings on its current campus at 7777 Gardner Road, which will increase its antenna manufacturing capacity by 800 percent. Together, the additions will cover 54,000 square feet, expanding ERI’s campus to a total of 241,730 square feet. The expansion will include operation areas for tuning and assembling antennas as well as employee offices and a lunch room. Construction on the facilities began in August, with plans to be operational in December.

“The Town of Chandler is so pleased to have ERI in our community for more than a decade,” said Tonya Wester, president of the Chandler Town Council. “They have always been good neighbors to our residents and we are very excited for their anticipated growth and the jobs it will bring to our area. The number and types of careers they are bringing to our small community will have a major impact on the local economy, as businesses and retailers across the region benefit from the expansion. The project was approved for a 10-year property tax abatement, and we look forward to supporting their plans for growth.”

“As the state’s economic momentum builds, homegrown Hoosier companies like ERI continue to choose Indiana for growth,” said Governor Mike Pence. “Here in Indiana, we have a balanced budget, low-cost business climate and a skilled workforce, making Indiana a state that works for job creators. Since 2013, Indiana businesses have created 156,800 new jobs, and companies like ERI are committing to future growth, which means even more quality employment opportunities for Hoosiers.”

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