Ava Security Picks North Carolina For America’s HQ

The cyber and video security service provider has selected Raleigh, NC as the location for its new Americas headquarters.

Ava Security, a unified service provider of cyber and video security, has selected Raleigh, NC as the location for the company’s new Americas headquarters. Ava will invest in the region, create new jobs, and add to Raleigh’s tradition of innovation. Raleigh joins Uxbridge (London) as one of the company’s two global headquarters.

“The Americas is Ava’s fastest-growing geography, representing more than 50% of our global business,” said Rick Hill, VP and General Manager, Ava Americas. “We chose Raleigh for our new headquarters because it will allow us to attract world-class talent that will help us continue to innovate the way organizations approach security – both physical and cyber – for years to come.”

Ava Security
Downtown skyline Raleigh, NC. (Credit: Getty Images/Mark Howard)

Raleigh boasts a high concentrations of tech talent, including cloud computing, security, fintech, and healthcare. Long associated with innovation due to corporate tech giants like IBM and Cisco and a rapidly growing local startup community, Raleigh was recently named one of the most resilient tech hubs by both LinkedIn and Indeed.

“Raleigh is at an exciting crossroads, leading the country on nearly every measure of economic success,” said Adrienne Cole, CEO, Raleigh Chamber of Commerce. “We are honored that Ava Security selected Raleigh for its Americas headquarters. The company joins an elite mix of global technology leaders here in the region while expanding career options for our local tech talent pool.”

In a 2021 study by Wake County Economic Development (WCED), comparing the Raleigh Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) with the top 100 largest MSAs across the U.S., Raleigh came out No. 1 in several critical areas, which shaped Ava’s decision to select the Triangle region for its Americas headquarters. Specifically, in comparison to the 100 largest MSAs, Raleigh ranked number one in talent, the cost of doing business, and future thinking.

“We are thrilled to have Ava Security as a new tenant in downtown Raleigh, especially since this will be their Americas headquarters,” said Andrew Stewart, President of Empire Properties. “It is always exciting to bring new technology innovation into the region and Ava does that with its unique cyber and video security solutions. They are a welcome addition to the diverse workforce in downtown Raleigh.”

Ava is a unified security company that provides a complete solution (cyber and physical security), giving organizations full visibility into potential multi-faceted security attacks. The company helps organizations address this growing problem with machine learning-powered cyber and video solutions that give security professionals access to quality, timely data and insights that can be shared across the security organization for actionable insight.

“The world has clearly caught on to the fact that Raleigh is one of the most educated cities in the U.S. and has an incredibly diverse industry offering, allowing companies from across the globe like Ava, to locate here and find long-term success,” said Kyle Touchstone, Raleigh Economic Development Director.

Over the past year, Greater Raleigh saw its highest amount of company expansions in history, with almost 6,000 new job announcements and more than $3.8 billion in investments.