How To Qualify

LiveXchange is a capacity-controlled event. In order to qualify for an invitation, corporate executives and site selection consultants must have active or ongoing site selection projects, are part of the decision-making team for their companies’ relocation or expansion plans and must work on projects that meet the following criteria:

For Delegates that are currently conducting or about to start a site selection project:

  1. Plan to make the final decision on where to expand/relocate between April 2023 and 2026
  2. The project will result in at least one of the following over three years:
    • 25 full-time jobs (or equivalent) created or
    • $1 million in payroll, including health and retirement benefits or
    • $2 million in capital investment

For Delegates with ongoing site selection projects:

  1. Must have a proven track record of completed site selection projects in their portfolio
  2. Must quantify the average number of projects that are worked on annually, by region
  3. Must quantify the capital investment, payroll, and number of jobs for their most recent project(s)

In addition to the above criteria, all delegates must be open to considering multiple geographic areas/regions from across the U.S. for their site selection project(s).