Attendee Testimonials

“We have clients with project needs across the country. Having the opportunity to meeting with both communities and states that we’re familiar with, as well as localities we’re not as familiar with, allows us to go back to our clients with more information as they make their real estate decision.” – Vice President, Altus Group

“The one-to-one meetings are the most valuable part of LiveXchange. It’s great to have the 30 minutes to learn specifics about the communities. LiveXchange is a premier, must-attend event” – Tax Counsel, General Electric

“LiveXchange is a great opportunity to meet with Economic Development Organizations in a relaxed environment” – Consultant, Tax & Incentives, DuPont

“I like the pace of LiveXchange. It combines business and fun in a concentrated amount of time.” – Principal, Hickey & Associates

“I enjoyed myself and learned a great deal. The format is intense, but that’s the only way to accomplish so much in just 2.5 days.” – Partner, Greenfield

” I left with several strong prospects and a few more potential prospects, and could not be more excited about these results! I enjoyed the company, the program, the events and the venue, and will definitely recommend LiveXchange to my associates who are in job-creating businesses next time around.” – Principal, Ehmpire, LLC