AT&T Introduces AT&T Fiber Ready Designation In Georgia

As part of AT&T’s continuing efforts to drive economic development and investment in Georgia and across the country, the company has recently developed the AT&T Fiber Ready designation. By emphasizing the availability of high-speed, fiber-based services, the AT&T Fiber Ready designation helps local economic development officials attract growing companies.

AT&T Fiber Ready Designation in Georgia “Working with Governor Deal, the members of the General Assembly have worked to keep Georgia’s economy moving forward,” said Speaker of the Georgia House of Representatives David Ralston. “As we implement pro-business policies to drive investment and create jobs, it is great to have the private sector develop additional tools – like the AT&T Fiber Ready designation – that can further help to attract employers to communities across the state.”

On February 4, the Muscogee Technology Park in Columbus was the first industrial park in Georgia to receive the AT&T Fiber Ready designation, and on February 18, the Magnolia Industrial Park, Magnolia Industrial Park II, and Crossings Distribution Park in Tifton were all designated AT&T Fiber Ready. More locations across the state are being considered for the designation.

AT&T Fiber Ready Designation in Georgia
Credit: Stockbyte

“AT&T has a long history of investment in the state of Georgia, and the AT&T Fiber Ready designation allows us to help economic development leaders to highlight the many places across Georgia where AT&T’s fiber infrastructure is in place and ready to help local businesses drive job creation,” said Bill Leahy, President of AT&T Georgia. “Each and every day, our employees are turning our billions of dollars of investment into high-speed Internet for consumers and businesses across the state, and it’s exciting for us to have the opportunity to provide yet another resource to our friends who are driving economic development in Georgia.”

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