Arizona: Creating The Future

The manufacturing base continues to expand across Arizona, while tech resources support emerging needs.

Avondale, AZ: Planting Seeds Of Sustainability

As an eco-conscious city, Avondale, AZ businesses are at the forefront of reducing their environmental footprint, opting for sustainability. From adopting water-wise landscaping and low-flow water fixtures, switching to energy efficient LED lighting, upgrading to EnergyStar appliances, installing rooftop solar panels, sourcing supplies locally and regionally, and creating products from recycled materials, Avondale businesses are certified green!

The City of Avondale is a mid-size city making a big buzz by developing a culture of creativity and connection. (Photo: City of Avondale)


Among Avondale’s green businesses are trailblazers like OnePointOne, the high-tech, indoor, vertical agriculture business that uses 90% less water than traditional farming and sophisticated AI robots. Then there are hyperlocal, small business owners, like Coldwater Coffeehouse and Bakery, a co-op cafe in Avondale’s Historic Old Town district. By remodeling an old farmhouse with high-efficiency upgrades and retrofitting the backyard for their regenerative farming practices, these Avondale natives can produce fresh, farm-to-table ingredients for their customers.

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Avondale’s evolution from a hardworking agricultural community to a regional leader in vertical farming, healthcare, and sustainable growth has fostered a rich history of innovation and ingenuity. Their commitment to sustainability supports a robust, local economy that provides quality jobs and a flourishing business environment. Avondale’s ability to not only stay current with the times and technology, but also look to the future, ready to create and adapt, has become the cornerstone of the community that businesses and residents can be proud of.

Sustainability isn’t just about trying to be environmentally conscious. Creating longevity for entrepreneurs, providing tools and resources to get their operations running, building an environment where they can be successful—those are all part of the Avondale EDGE mission to help businesses thrive. The City of Avondale is a mid-size city making a big buzz by developing a culture of creativity and connection. While the business landscape is diverse, where medical users, manufacturers, and mom and pop shops abound, the city’s holistic approach to economic development has made facilitating partnerships, sharing resources between businesses, activating assets like higher education institutions, and collaborating with local organizations all critical pieces to the city’s community-driven approach to success.

Whether businesses are born and bred in Avondale, expand, or relocate to the city, Avondale’s seeds of sustainability will continue to bloom for generations to come.

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