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Maricopa, AZ: 20 Years Young

Maricopa, AZ is the 12th fastest growing city in the entire country, located just 35 minutes south of Sky Harbor Airport in the Phoenix Metro area. As the city celebrates its 20-year anniversary in October 2023, it will host its first Wild West Music Fest to honor this momentous occasion. This event will be held at the City’s flagship Copper Sky Regional Park, October 13-15, where residents and visitors alike enjoy three days of events, rides, delicious food, as well as national and local musical talent.

Copper Sky Regional Park is a flagship recreation area in Maricopa, AZ. Incorporated in 2003, the city is growing at a healthy pace with a thriving business climate and quality of life. (Photo: Courtesy of the City of Maricopa)


Just a short two decades ago, the founders of Maricopa visualized a vibrant, thriving community and the city was incorporated in October of 2003. The quality of life in this community surpasses expectations and this offers a welcoming, affordable, safe, and diverse lifestyle—and the data supports it.

  • #1 Most Diverse School District in the Phoenix area (, 2023)
  • #1 Best Place to Raise a Family (, 2022)
  • #3 Fastest Growing Cities in Arizona (, 2022)
  • #4 Safest Cities in Arizona (, 2020)
  • #5 Most Diverse Suburbs in Arizona (, 2023)
  • #7 Safest Cities in Arizona (, 2022)
  • #10 Best Suburb to Buy a House in Phoenix (Niche, 2023)
  • #17 Best Places to Live in Arizona (, 2023)

Being a young city has its advantages with new homes, new businesses, new hospitals, new fire and police stations— new everything!  Maricopa is experiencing phenomenal growth and its booming population has grown from 1,040 in 2000 to its current estimated population in 2023 of 75,000.

Christian Price, former Mayor and current President and CEO of Maricopa Economic Development Alliance (MEDA), states “We were nothing but farmland just two decades ago, look how far we’ve come, and we have an incredibly bright future ahead.”

Developers were attracted to Maricopa for several reasons, with one of the key factors being the supply of water which is so very critical. When asked, Price affirmed, “Arizona is a desert—always has been and always will be. As a state, we’ve been planning for drought for almost 100 years. Thus, Arizona has some of the best water planning policies in the country. Global Water Resources, which services Maricopa, has a “DAWS” (Designation of Assured Water Supply) granted by the State of Arizona which means that there is a proven and robust water supply for the next 100 years for this community.”

When speaking of water in Maricopa, an exciting new upcoming project locally is the proposed PHX Surf Park. Billed as a major tourist attraction featuring onsite hospitality, retail, restaurants, outdoor entertainment centers and of course, the surf and water park. Another upcoming development is the S3 Biotech medical campus that consists of a hospital, medical office buildings, medical research facilities, and more located in the heart of the city.

The City of Maricopa, rich with opportunity and an unparalleled quality of life, touts a highly skilled and educated workforce with proactive government officials that are laser focused on economic development and growth. Residents and businesses alike, looking for a small town feel with urbanized benefits are sure to find Maricopa a marvelous place to call home.

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