Economic Development

It takes power to grow a business and that power comes from partnership. Strong business partners help companies accelerate growth.

As a utility delivering reliable energy to businesses in Illinois and Missouri, Ameren is also focused on helping businesses throughout the entire development process.

Our Involvement

It makes sense for Ameren to be involved – our dedicated economic development team works with companies every day. And more and more companies are coming to depend on us as they look to Midwest locations. Here’s why:

  • Advanced infrastructure. Customers have high expectations for the energy that powers the quality of their life.
  • Access to a workforce of more than 3.1 million individuals energized by education and experience driven by a dependable Midwest work ethic.
  • A collection of the diverse industries that built the region: Agribusiness, Advanced Manufacturing, Logistics & Transportation.

With the help of business partners in Illinois and Missouri, we can get you started building your business today, and we’ll stay with you as your Midwest facilities grow.

At Ameren, we firmly believe that when the right people come together, great things happen!

Our Services and Team

Contact us for a customized approach to locate, expand or relocate your business.
Contact at us at our toll free number 800.981.9409 or call one of us, and let’s start the conversation.