Abilene Lands Three Major Projects, Combined $76M Investment

Total incentives worth over $7 million for Project Tiger, Project Future Hope, and Project Double T will result in the retention and creation of more than 700 jobs in Abilene, TX.

Late last month, the City Council of Abilene, TX approved three major expansion projects presented by the Development Corporation of Abilene (DCOA). Dubbed “Project Tiger,” “Project Future Hope,” and “Project Double T,” they were approved for incentive packages totaling $7.6 million, and will result in an estimated $76.3 million total investment in Abilene.

“We are proud to announce these three major partnerships and expansions directly following our success of bringing Great Lakes Cheese (GLC) to Abilene,” said Misty Mayo, President and Chief Executive Officer of the DCOA.  “These projects represent the resilience and growth of the Abilene community, and we look forward to future developments with all of them.”

A $3.16 million incentive package was approved for “Project Tiger,” otherwise known as Primal Pet Group, to help the company expand its manufacturing facility in Five Points Business Park. Primal Pet Group will invest $31.6 million in the expansion, which is expected to create and retain over 250 jobs in Abilene.

Abilene, Texas
(Source: Primal Pet Group)

“It continues to be an honor partnering with the Abilene community to expand Primal Pet Group’s operations by almost 60,000 square feet,” said Travis Moore, Chief Operations Officer of Primal Pet Group. “This $30 million investment is critical to the Primal Pack’s fast paced growth strategy and mission to provide more dogs and cats wholesome, healthy, minimally processed foods.”

A $2.93 million incentive package was approved for “Project Future Hope,” the name given to an expansion project by NEXT Lab. This approval will help NEXT Lab expand its research and development facility, which will retain 28 jobs and create an additional 37 jobs, including 13 projected student positions. Abilene Christian University (ACU) expects to invest $29.3 million in the community through NEXT Lab.

“These projects are a tremendous win for Abilene,” said Mayor Anthony Williams. “Our community will not only benefit from stronger healthcare, research and development, and manufacturing facilities, but there are now additional well-paying, sustainable jobs available for the citizens of Abilene.”

“The support of our Abilene community and the DCOA is critical to our success, and we’re thankful for this partnership,” said Dr. Rusty Towell, Director of NEXT Lab. “Through this groundbreaking research venture, Abilene and ACU are at the forefront of developing advanced nuclear technology to address global energy needs.”

Finally, a $1.54 million incentive package was approved for “Project Double T,” the name given Hendrick Health’s expansion project. The incentive package supports Hendrick Health with the expansion of its back office and warehousing facility in the Mall of Abilene. Hendrick Health expects to invest $15.4 million in the project, and retain 317 employees while creating an additional 74 jobs within the Abilene community.

“As always, we are focused on the long-term benefits these type of projects will have on our community and the strong return on investments demonstrate just how successfully the DCOA and local companies continue to work together to benefit the Abilene community,” said Jack Rich, DCOA Board Chair.

“This new service center is another way Hendrick is expanding access to our services and extending our mission while reducing inefficiency and fragmentation,” said Brad Holland, President and CEO of Hendrick Health. “By relocating existing administrative services currently housed in and around our campuses, we can reallocate valuable space to expand clinical services for patients.”

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