A First and Final Word

From the Desk of the Editor in Chief

This is goodbye—after seven and a half years at Business Facilities, I’m moving on to a new set of challenges. For me at least, there will be no more First Word columns, no more LiveXchange networking events, no more BF Blog. Editing this magazine has been the chance of a lifetime, so it’s with some sadness that I pass the reins. Fortunately, the new editor in chief of Business Facilities is extremely well qualified to lead this magazine and its associated properties, and I suspect you’ll enjoy reading the magazine he produces more than ever. Please turn to this column in May for an introduction.

A few parting thoughts: First, I want to express my deep respect for the economic developers around the world. Their work is complicated; they are dual agents, representing their companies as well as their communities; they are frequently required to justify their existence; and they must have the skills of a master salesperson, marketer, city planner, project manager, and customer relationship specialist to succeed.

Second, I believe we’re entering an era of a new breed of successful companies with missions that go beyond profit—and beyond lip service to concepts like sustainability, corporate citizenship, and “do no evil.” If you’re such a company, there is no better time to showcase your commitment than when you relocate or expand.

Finally, thank you to everyone I’ve met while working at Business Facilities. It’s been my pleasure and honor to know you, and I hope we’ll keep in touch.

Karim Khan