Gildan Creating 80 New Jobs In Georgia

The manufacturer is expanding the specialty yarn production capacity at its Columbus, GA facilities.

Gildan Yarns, LLC will expand the production capacity of its facilities in Columbus, GA to better meet the demands for specialty yarns. The company expects to create approximately 80 jobs in the coming months which will include supervisory, production and maintenance positions.

Columbus, GA“The textile industry is making a strong return in the form of manufacturing high tech, and specialty yarns and fabrics,” said Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEcD) Commissioner Pat Wilson. “This announcement gives a nod to our infrastructure, workforce and other business assets that make Georgia competitive. I am glad to see Gildan take advantage of these assets and grow in Columbus.”

Gildan Activewear Inc. (Gildan), parent company to Gildan Yarns, LLC, is a manufacturer and marketer of quality branded apparel that manufactures and markets activewear, innerwear, hosiery and socks across a growing portfolio of brands. The new facility will service growing sales within the fashion basics segment of the North American apparel business.

“We are pleased to announce this expanded capacity and the resulting incremental jobs,” says Chuck Ward, President of Gildan Yarns, LLC. “Since 2013, we have invested more than $400M in seven yarn-spinning operations in the region and now employ in excess of 1,400 people, a testimony to the confidence we have in these communities and the strength of the people who have joined our teams.”

Gildan operates large-scale manufacturing facilities covering the full spectrum of processes from yarns to finished garments, with 50,000 direct employees and a strong commitment to operating responsibly and sustainably.

“One of our priorities is to assist our existing companies with the attraction of new employees,” said Russ Carreker, chairman of the Development Authority of Columbus. “Our team and our partners will provide Gildan Yarns, LLC. with expertise and resources to make it easy for them to identify qualified and dedicated people that are interested in working with a company that can achieve success in our community for a long time to come.”

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