BF In The News: Alabama Businesses Celebrate 2015 State Of The Year Award

At least one local business owner wasn’t surprised that Alabama took the top spot in Business Facilities2015 State of the Year Award, according to a January 4 newscast from ABC News affiliate WAAY 31.

“It’s not as surprising if you’ve been around the state for a while and watched how we struggled in the past,” UG White’s general manager Mark Still told WAAY 31 reporter Christine Flores. The local shop is based out of Athens and recently opened a new store in downtown Huntsville.

Still says bringing in major developments to the state and the area is helping his and other small business grow as well.

“It’s more people for good paying jobs. A lot of the companies are also bringing in international contingents and people from other countries expect different things,” says Still. “And for us, as a local business that thrives on how things use to be, we appeal to that.”

 Watch the video below for more local reaction to Alabama’s big win:

Alabama Businesses Celebrate 2015 State Of The Year Award.
Source: WAAY 31/ABC