Facebook Announces New Data Center For Altoona, IA

Wind energy is one of the factors behind Facebook's decision to locate its latest data center in Iowa.

Wind energy is one of the factors behind Facebook's decision to locate its latest data center in Iowa.

Facebook Announces New Data Center For Altoona, IA

Facebook Announces New Data Center For Altoona, IA

Photo: Facebook

This announcement comes from Jay Parikh VP of infrastructure engineering at Facebook:

We’re thrilled to announce that Altoona, Iowa, will be the home for Facebook’s newest data center.

For most people, Facebook is something pretty simple. It’s a service you visit every day to connect with the people and things you care about. But behind the scenes, Facebook is a global service of immense scale and complexity—over 1 billion people use Facebook every month, and every day there are more than 2.7 billion Likes and over 2.4 billion content items shared with friends.

In the coming years, as our service continues to grow and people share and connect in more ways, we need to make sure that our technical infrastructure also continues to scale. Our goal is not just to deliver you a fast, reliable experience on Facebook every day—we also want to help make connectivity a universal opportunity. Our data centers are essential for making that happen.

Altoona will be our fourth owned and operated data center, and our third in the United States. (The others are in Prineville, OR; Forest City, NC; and Luleå, Sweden.) The facility will feature the same Open Compute Project server designs and innovative outdoor-air cooling system that our others do, but it will also incorporate evolutionary improvements to the building design, networking architecture, and more. When complete, Altoona will be among the most advanced and energy efficient facilities of its kind.

We’re excited to have found a new home in Iowa, which has an abundance of wind-generated power and is home to a great talent pool that will help build and operate the facility. We plan to break ground this summer and expect to begin serving user traffic in 2014.

We’re especially appreciative of all the partners who helped make this project happen. Facebook’s mission is to connect the world. Thanks to Iowa, we’re building the global infrastructure to bring the next billion people online.

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