State of the Industry 2012

IEDC President and CEO, Jeff Finkle, gave his annual presentation on the state of the economic development industry to attendees of IEDC’s Leadership Conference in San Antonio, TX on January 30, 2012.

Since the recession, economic development professionals have had to become more deft and nimble, often tasked with trying to accomplish more with less resources. Economic development organizations have shifted priorities and have entered into partnerships with new and different stakeholders in order to grow and sustain the economic well-being of their community.

Jeff’s comments include an analysis of IEDC’s January 2012 membership survey that highlights priorities and transitions in today’s economic development organizations. The attached presentation also includes important facts on U.S. job growth and relevant commentary on key trends taking place in the field that will affect the profession for the upcoming 5 years and beyond.

Here is a link to Mr. Finkle’s PowerPoint presentation: