Switzerland Largest Investor in U.S.

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The Commerce Department's annual report pegs foreign direct investment from the Alpine nation at more than $42 billion in 2010.

Switzerland Largest Investor in U.S.


Switzerland Largest Investor in U.S.

According to the recently released annual U.S. Department of Commerce report “Foreign Direct Investment in the United States,” Switzerland was the largest single investor in the United States in 2010 at more than $42 billion, reports Mario Brossi, North American Senior Advisor to Switzerland Trade and Investment Promotion.

The alpine nation headed the list of 8 countries that together represented 84% of total investment that year.  Others in descending order were the U.K., Japan, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Canada.
On a historical stock basis, namely the investments made by countries sequentially over time, Switzerland ranks in 6th place, with a cumulative total of $192 billion.

“Conversely, United States companies are by far the single largest investors in Switzerland, significantly outpacing investments from neighboring Germany, France or other European neighboring countries,” Brossi commented. “Overall Switzerland is the 7th largest recipient for US FDI globally, amounting to $148.2 billion. More than 800 North American companies are operating in Switzerland with a combined payroll of 72,500.”

According to Brossi, since the beginning of 2011 at least 24 projects from North America have landed in Switzerland generating an estimated $625 million in investment and leading to about 1,737 new jobs.  “Leading location determinants, aside from the growth potential of the market itself, are currently the proximity to other markets/customers, the availability of a skilled workforce, overall business climate and the presence/absence of industry clusters,” he said.

Switzerland continues to compete well in these economic development criteria.  The country continuously works on improving overall framework conditions to make it even more attractive to foreign investors and foreign investment as recent projects from Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Toshiba and Newell Rubbermaid, among others, make plain.

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