Manischevitz Relocates HQ to Newark, NJ | Business Facilities - Area Economic Development, Site Selection & Workforce Solutions

Cutting the ribbon on its new plant in Newark, the kosher food products company also rolled out the world's longest matzo for the ceremony.
Cutting the ribbon on its new plant in Newark, the kosher food products company also rolled out the world's longest matzo for the ceremony.

Manischevitz Relocates HQ to Newark, NJ

Manischevitz Relocates HQ to Newark, NJ | Business Facilities - Area Economic Development, Site Selection & Workforce Solutions

Mayor Cory A. Booker cut the ribbon today on a new corporate headquarters and food products plant for Manischevitz Co.

Mayor Booker was joined at the ceremony by Deputy Mayor for Economic and Housing Development and Brick City Development Corporation Chairman Stefan Pryor, East Ward Council Member Augusto Amador, Manischewitz Company Co-CEOs Alain Bankier and Paul Bensabat, Chief Rabbi of Israel Yona Metzger, National Manischewitz Cook-Off Winner Stuart Davis, and BCDC CEO Lyneir Richardson.

The new 200,000-square-foot facility is located at 80 Avenue K in the East Ward. Also in attendance were City of Newark Business Administrator Julien X. Neals, Esq. and State Senator Teresa M. Ruiz.

“Newark has historically been a center for Jewish heritage and culture, and we are proud that the largest producer of Kosher products in the nation has decided to relocate its headquarters to our city,” Mayor Booker said. “I commend our economic development team, under Deputy Mayor Pryor’s leadership, for their diligence and creativity which helping to recruit more and more businesses to relocate to Newark. The arrival of Manischewitz demonstrates confidence in our city and our residents who will benefit from added job opportunities. Newark is on the move to becoming a national model of urban economic development as we harness the City’s signature strengths, including our proximity to the airport, the largest port on the East Coast and our excellent transportation infrastructure. Manischewitz is not just a company that provides product, but one that extends a righteous way of life. I believe Newark and Manischewitz are a perfect combination. This company will thrive here.”

Mayor Booker presented both Manischewitz Co-CEOs with a Mayoral Proclamation declaring June 14, 2011 as Manischewitz Day.

“It obviously made a lot of sense for us to consolidate our operations under one roof, and frankly with the very pro-business attitude which the city of Newark demonstrated, it was a no-brainer to do that in Newark,” said Mr. Bensabat. “Manischewitz has been a part of both Jewish, as well as non-Jewish, families for over 120 years because of its superior, quality products. Manischewitz is now repositioned for the future and well prepared to serve all American families and able to supply innovative, as well as traditional food products which are in line with today’s food trends such as the health and wellness segment. The ‘New’ Manischewitz is now ready to be around for at least another 120 years. We are very pleased to inaugurate our new headquarters and become part of the fast growing community of exciting new companies in Newark, New Jersey.”

“Newark is a great up and coming city which is centrally located for our customers and which has a wonderful qualified labor pool available to us,” said Mr. Bankier. “The new corporate office is just one more example of the new face of Manischewitz, which also includes a new entrepreneurial management and spirit, new packaging, many new exciting products, an updated website and social media programs, as well as, community initiatives such as the founding sponsorship of Jewish American Heritage Month and the support of other charitable organizations. This is a company which is aggressively moving into the future.”

“I have found that people who are not Jews are eating kosher because it is cleaner, purer, and better. That is what Manischewitz means to the world,” said Chief Rabbi Metzger.

“We are doubly pleased that Manischewitz has chosen Newark as its home for both its corporate headquarters and its renowned food production facility,” said Deputy Mayor Pryor. “Manischewitz’s arrival is the latest event in the unfolding of Newark’s Groundbreaking Year, which has already seen Panasonic of North America announce the move of its headquarters to Newark, the launch of construction for Newark’s first downtown hotel in almost four decades, and the groundbreaking for a revitalized Newark Screens movie theater. Today, Manischewitz joins Newark’s pantheon of world-class companies. We look forward to decades of partnership and prosperity with our newest partner.”

As part of the ceremony, The Manischewitz Company rolled out the world’s longest matzo, 25 feet long, spanning more than 82 square feet and weighing 25 pounds, the equal of more than 336 regular matzos. It was divided so that each guest could be sent home with a little piece of Manischewitz matzo history. The enormous matzo was made on-site, taking 204 seconds to bake at 620 degrees Fahrenheit and required six matzo handlers to remove from the oven. The matzo’s historic size was documented by the Guinness Book of World Records.

“I am so honored to have won the Manischewitz Cook-Off and to be at this wonderful event today. I’m happy to be affiliated with such an outstanding company, as I’ve used their products all my life,” said National Manischewitz Cook-Off Winner Stuart Davis.

Since 2006, the Booker administration has made economic development and the creation of jobs a top priority. These innovative efforts have included the creation of Brick City Development (BCDC) which has become the primary economic development catalyst for Newark, New Jersey, organized to retain, attract and grow businesses, enhance small and minority business capacity, and spur real estate development within the city. BCDC initiates and executes economic development activities to produce and sustain economic growth, generate jobs and create wealth for the citizens of Newark.

“The core of our work is focused on job creation, job retention, and leveraging private and public investment to attract businesses that strengthen the economic base of the city,” said Mr. Richardson. “We have been consistently communicating the many locational assets and advantages of Newark – from exceptional transit and cargo to affordable real estate and an available workforce. More and more companies, like Manischewitz, are listening and clearly recognizing the opportunity to be profitable and competitive in Newark,” said Richardson.

Since 2006, the executives of major companies such as Pitney Bowes, Standard Chartered Bank,,, CGC Genetics, Panasonic, Marriott, Manischewitz, and others have chosen Newark as home for new corporate headquarters and major operations centers. They’ve been joined by entrepreneurs, including dozens of companies that received start-up capital or other assistance from Brick City Development Corporation, such as Dental Kidz, Newark Art Supply, and Advanced Recovery.

Economic development has also benefited from the 2007 opening of the Prudential Center, which brought New Jersey Devils hockey, New Jersey Nets basketball, and New York Liberty WNBA basketball to the City’s downtown. It also spurred the development of numerous downtown restaurants and bars as well as the construction of a new Courtyard by Marriott Hotel adjacent to the arena.

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