UGI Energy Expands Crayola Solar Park

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The solar park will now provide 15 percent of Crayola's annual energy consumption, enough power to produce about 1.5 billion crayons.

UGI Energy Expands Crayola Solar Park


UGI Energy Expands Crayola Solar Park

UGI Energy Services, Inc., a long-standing renewable and conventional energy developer active in the Mid-Atlantic region, announces the commissioning of Phase II of Crayola Solar Park located at Crayola’s crayon and marker manufacturing plant in Easton, PA.

The solar park, which was awarded the PA Governor’s 2010 Environmental Excellence Award, will now provide 15 percent of Crayola’s total annual energy consumption. That is enough power to produce almost 1.5 billion crayons while eliminating an estimated 2,700 tons of CO2 each year.

UGI Energy Services utilized five acres to install 5,000 solar panels which will have the capacity to generate 1,000 kilowatts (dc) of clean electric power. With the completion of Phase II, the solar park will consist of 31,000 panels installed on 17 acres of land and have a total capacity of 2,900 kilowatts (dc).

“UGI is committed to the development of renewable energy technologies that are advantageous to our partners, our shareholders and our community,” said Brad Hall, President of UGI Energy Services. “We are proud of our ongoing partnership with Crayola and will continue to seek out projects like it in the future.”

The importance of sustainability practices, specifically around energy, has taken greater prominence in the minds of industry leaders. More and more companies are faced with this issue of sustainability and responsible energy management. When in place, and done correctly, it’s a definite competitive advantage.”

“With these additional solar panels provided by UGI, we are able to bring more Crayola products to kids using green renewable energy ~ the sun,” said Pete Ruggiero, executive vice president, global operations at Crayola. “UGI has established a unique position in the solar energy marketplace”, said Matt Dutzman, Vice-President of UGI Energy Services, Inc. “As one of the regions largest developers of renewable energy projects, we bring the financial strength to provide the capital and an almost 130 year reputation for building long-term partnerships. With projects like Crayola, there are multiple winners. Our partners win, the local community and the environment wins and as a result, UGI wins. That is a great story.”

UGI Energy Services, Inc. provides turn-key solar solutions for its partners. The company provides the capital and expertise to develop and construct the solar facilities. Once constructed, UGI operates and maintains the facility over the term of the power purchase agreement executed with its partners.

“We approach potential partners with the utmost integrity and candor as we explain the realities of developing a photovoltaic solar facility”, said Lou James, Director of Business Development. “We’re establishing a long-term relationship with our customers, typically over 20 years, and we want to be sure both of us have positive experiences for years to come.”

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has fully supported development of Crayola Solar Park, providing a $1.5 million grant for Phase 1.

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