The Recession-Proof State

Our previous blog post highlighted recession-proof jobs and employment sectors, so I thought a recent news story about a “recession-proof” state would be pertinent to mention. Most Americans now think of Hurricane Katrina when they hear about Louisiana. But with a new governor, economic prowess, and some optimism, this fine state is ready to rebound from its disaster relief image. The gulf state, already the nation’s number one producer of crude oil, has purchased 1,500 acres of land in hopes of luring a major automotive plant. Additionally, it offers a unique business tax incentive that specifically targets the booming digital media industry. And sights are set on bringing in biotechnology and life sciences companies to diversify the state’s business climate.With all of the international chatter about the U.S. economic backslide, Louisiana’s development team seems undaunted. In fact, Donald Pierson, the state’s assistant secretary for economic development, considers Louisiana to be “a little bit more recession-proof.”