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Virginia Corporate Moves

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Alternative Energy Park Planned in Norfolk The former Ford Norfolk Assembly Plant location will become one of the country’s next alternative energy plants, according to the Jacoby Group in Atlanta. The plant has a total land area of 109 acres of industrially-zoned waterfront and rail-served land with approximately 2.6 million square feet of manufacturing facilities and convenient access to I-464 and I-64. The plant has 1,500 feet fronting the Eastern Branch of the Elizabeth River and a 450-foot concrete pier has been constructed to the barge-depth channel. Norfolk is also moving forward in the development of offshore wind energy. The Virginia city is a member of VOW, Virginia’s Offshore Wind Coalition. Our shipbuilders, fabricators, distributors and integrated electronic system providers are representative of the supply chain resources that will be needed to make offshore wind energy a reality. Proponents of commercial wind power 12 miles or beyond Virginia’s coast believe the giant turbines could ultimately provide 10 percent of the state’s annual electricity demand and operate without incident in the military’s busy seas. The Department of Defense is studying 25 tracts identified for optimum winds. A recent report identifies 18 tracts as compatible with military needs and rules as long as certain guidelines are met. They were not detailed in the report. Scientists, engineers and geographers at Virginia Tech—ARI, Old Dominion University, Science Applications International Corp., Paliria Energy, Norfolk State University and James Madison University—are researching offshore wind power, mapping offshore areas and economic development impact. Download several presentations from the site. Norfolk Southern: Riding the Rails to Growth Norfolk Southern Corp. participated in the location of 70 new industries and the expansion of 23 existing industries along its rail lines in 2009, according to figures released by the company. Norfolk Southern assisted state and local government and economic development officials throughout 19 states in helping customers identify ideal locations for new and expanded facilities. New plants and expansions represented an investment of more than $3.1 billion by Norfolk Southern customers and are expected to create 3,000 jobs in the railroad’s territory, eventually generating more than 138,500 carloads of new rail traffic annually. The energy sector anchored our results during 2009,” said Newell Baker, assistant vice president industrial development. “Our group assisted in the location or expansion of 24 energy related facilities in 12 states across our service area. Ethanol production and distribution accounted for the lion’s share of energy projects, with 11 new and expanded facilities that began to receive NS rail service in 2009.” The balance of… …Read More…

Virginia Corporate Moves

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Linden Lab Taps Terremark for Critical IT Infrastructure of Virtual 3D Environment Terremark Worldwide, Inc., a leading global provider of managed IT infrastructure services, recently announced that Second Life developer Linden Lab has selected the Network Access Point (NAP) of the Capital Region to co-locate the critical IT infrastructure that brings to life the world’s leading 3D virtual world environment. Developed and launched by Linden Lab in 2003, Second Life has become one of the largest hubs for user-generated content in the world, boasting a robust “inworld” economy with more than $450 million in annual user-to-user transactions. When it opens later this month in Culpeper, VA, Terremark Worldwide, Inc’s NAP of the Capital Region will be the most secure and technologically sophisticated datacenter on the Eastern seaboard. From this advanced datacenter campus outside Washington, D.C., Terremark will provide Linden Lab industry-leading co-location services supported by fully redundant power systems that meet the needs of today’s high-density computing environments. The NAP of the Capital Region’s innovative design, featuring security elements that exceed federal government standards and power infrastructure backed by 100 percent service level agreements for the datacenter’s power and environmental systems, offered Linden Lab the ideal facility for the business-critical infrastructure that powers Second Life. “As Second Life continues to expand its infrastructure to meet current and future demands in user traffic and content generation, we felt Terremark’s full suite of world-class IT solutions provided a high level of flexibility for those future business and technology needs,” said Frank Ambrose, senior vice president of global technology for Linden Lab. “The NAP of the Capital Region’s sophisticated design affords us the opportunity to expand in multiple facilities within the same campus while partnering with a company that shares our commitment to limiting the environmental impact of activities by employing energy-efficient systems.” With continued strong demand for world-class IT infrastructure solutions from both federal government agencies and large enterprises, Terremark launched construction on the second datacenter facility on the NAP of the Capital Region’s 30-acre campus in January, and the project continues on-schedule, with completion expected in the early part of 2010. The datacenter campus, designed to accommodate up to five, 50,000-square-foot independent datacenters and one 72,000-square-foot office building, meets the needs of today’s power, space and bandwidth-intensive mission-critical applications and hot/warm sites for disaster recovery/COOP environments. “The fact that Linden Lab has selected to co-locate their critical infrastructure in Terremark’s datacenter outside Washington, D.C. is a powerful testament to our impressive combination of leading-edge solutions and world-class datacenters,” said Barry Field,… …Read More…

A Tale of Two Industries

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The convergence of two weighty North American industries—plastics and medical devices—has facilitated numerous healthcare advances. We bring you a sampling of locations that are helping these industries prosper.