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A Tale of Two Industries

A Tale of Two Industries Posted on:

The convergence of two weighty North American industries—plastics and medical devices—has facilitated numerous healthcare advances. We bring you a sampling of locations that are helping these industries prosper.

South Carolina Corporate Moves

South Carolina Corporate Moves Posted on:

DuPont Dips $500 Million into Cooper River In December, DuPont announced its Cooper River plant, located 30 miles north of Charleston, SC, will receive a $500 million investment to drastically expand production of high-performance Kevlar® para-aramid fiber for industrial and military uses. The multiyear, multiphase expansion will increase the global production capacity for Kevlar by more than 25%, making it the single largest investment in the fiber since it was introduced in 1965. Construction to expand the existing facility began in January and required 400 contractor jobs at the project’s peak. Scheduled for start-up in 2010, the plant will bring 100 permanent jobs to the Cooper River factory, which opened in 1973. The plant currently has 60 employees and primarily produces Hytrel® thermoplastic polyester elastomer for the automotive industry. “I can’t say enough about what [DuPont] brings to our entire region,” says Dan Davis, supervisor of Berkeley County, where the Cooper River plant is located. “Not only do they provide excellent jobs for our citizens, they are also stellar corporate citizens. This is definitely a win-win announcement for us all.” The new facility will allow DuPont to further refine Kevlar to improve its ballistic performance, providing lighter-weight protective apparel for law enforcement and military personnel. Among various other enhancements, it will also produce gloves with higher dexterity to allow more freedom of movement while still protecting hands from cuts. “The new plant at Cooper River, together with our other global assets, will help DuPont meet strong and growing global demand for Kevlar,” says Thomas G. Powell, vice president and general manager of DuPont Advanced Fiber Systems. Between 2000 and 2006, DuPont successfully completed four Kevlar fiber expansion projects at its Richmond, VA and Maydown, Northern Ireland facilities. DuPont also operates manufacturing plants in Japan and Spain. Kraft Creates 1,000 New Jobs in Newberry In December, Kraft Foods announced that it will expand its Louis Rich plant’s manufacturing space in Newberry, SC by 75,000 square feet. The growth will also create 1,000 new jobs. Kraft currently has about 1,700 employees at its Newberry facility, up from 1,260 at the start of 2007. The anticipated job surge will support the increased volume of new products. The Louis Rich plant currently produces Oscar Mayer sliced luncheon meats, turkey bacon, deli-shaved meats, chicken breast strips and cuts, and ground turkey. These goods are distributed throughout the country or shipped for further processing to other Kraft plants. Lyle Olson, Kraft plant manager, says the expansion project “demonstrates the company’s confidence in our team of employees… …Read More…