About Topeka

178,941 (Shawnee County)
234,647 (Topeka MSA*)

Civilian Labor Force:
92,915 (Shawnee County)
121,583 (Topeka MSA*)

Source: Kansas Department of Labor in conjunction with U.S. Department of Labor

Topeka, KS MSA Gross Domestic Product (millions of current dollars, 2011)
All industry total: 9,500
Private industries: 7,569
Agriculture, forestry, fishing, and hunting: Not disclosed
Mining: 138
Construction: 320
Manufacturing: 827
Durable goods: Not disclosed
Non-durable goods: Not disclosed
Wholesale trade: Not Disclosed
Retail trade: 576
Transportation and warehousing, excluding Postal Service: 875
Information: Not disclosed
Finance and insurance: 1,624
Real estate and rental and leasing: Not disclosed
Professional and technical services: 433
Management of companies and enterprises: 155
Administrative and waste services: 207
Educational services: 1,030
Health care and social assistance: Not disclosed
Arts, entertainment, and recreation: Not disclosed
Leisure and Hospitality: 278
Other services, except government: Not disclosed
Government: 1,931
*Information not disclosed in GDP not shown in order to avoid the disclosure of confidential information; estimates are included in higher level totals. Source: Bureau of Economic Analysis


Source: Bureau of Economic Analysis, U.S. Dept of Commerce Transport & Logistics:

Transport & Logistics:
Interstates (I-70 & I-335, Kansas Turnpike)
US Highways (US-75, US-24, US-40)
Airports (Topeka Regional Airport & Billard Airport)
Railways (BNSF & Union Pacific)

*Topeka MSA includes a 5-county area of Shawnee, Jefferson, Jackson, Osage and Wabaunsee counties.

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