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Retail’s Open Door Policy

As the U.S. retail industry suffers some of the most severe sales declines in history, stores are taking drastic measures to help boost some...

Coca-Cola Goes Collegiate in Kentucky

Coca-Cola Enterprises announced yesterday it will locate its new Information Technology Development Center in Louisville, KY. The company intends to recruit from the local collegiate...

Utah Wins eBay’s Bid

eBay Inc. and the Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) just announced the closing of a land sale in South Jordan City Utah...

TN Nabs $2.5-billion Energy Investment

Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen and Economic and Community Development Commissioner Matt Kisber today joined with the chief executive officers of Hemlock Semiconductor and its...

AllianceTexas’ Success Nears $34 Billion

This week's economic impact report on AllianceTexas shows a staggering overall impact total: $33.8 billion on North Texas communities. One of the most successful...

Creating a “Monster” in Florence, SC

Representatives from the Florence County Economic Development Partnership, the South Carolina Department of Commerce and Red Rock Developments joined Monster officials this month to...

$26-million Investment Hits North Carolina

Precor Incorporated, one of the most respected brands in fitness equipment, announced today that they will open a new Southeast manufacturing, assembly and distribution...

Kansas will be site of new $450 million biodefense lab

The federal government has recommended a site in at Kansas State University in Manhattan, KS, for a new $450 million laboratory to study biological...

Lee County, FL launches $25 million cash incentive for expanding/relocating businesses

At a time when tightening credit markets are limiting dollars for economic development, one Florida county has responded with a $25 million cash incentive...

Investments in St. Louis Metro East approach $9.5 billion

After shattering records in 2006-2007, the development pipeline for Southwestern Illinois continued to swell over the past year, reaching a new high of more...

Piracy: The Illegal Incentive

In the civilized, regulated realm of economic development, there are heaps of financial incentives, job training programs, small business loans and corporate tax rebates...

Bismarck isn’t sinking

The economic wise men gathering around President-elect Obama in Chicago will be heading to Washington next month to try to jump-start the faltering U.S....

Power portal

Anyone who has taken a ride on Washington's Metro subway line knows that when it comes to making capital improvements in the nation's capital,...

Bratislava Is Not Detroit, Just So You Know

As they continue their pleas for a federal bailout (hopefully while forgoing end-of-the-year bonuses and use of corporate jets), the figureheads of major U.S....

Tonic for the China syndrome

The dispatches from the front lines of the global economic catastrophe have taken on a markedly schizoid quality during the past few...

Recipe for success in tough times

The deepening economic malaise makes it imperative that businesses seize every potential revenue-generating opportunity that presents itself in coming months. The companies that succeed...

Magician makes $250 billion disappear

Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson emerged from his bunker in the epicenter of the financial crisis today to give us an update on his...

The New Silk Road

It was announced today that the central Asian country of Kazakhstan will receive $700 million from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to construct a...

Red, white and blue states

Abraham Lincoln was the first president to refer to America as ''the United States'' instead of ''these United States.'' When he dedicated a cemetery in...

Pity the fool

When Alan Greenspan presided over the Federal Reserve for 18 years, he periodically appeared before Congress to mutter some ethereal bromides ...

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More Than Maple Syrup

A green grid and a 1-gig broadband connection are transforming Burlington, VT into a thriving high-tech hub.

Renamed Decatur Central Railroad Gets New Operators, Rehab

OmniTRAX affiliate partners with Topflight Grain Cooperative to operate, drive business to and rehabilitate the Cisco to Decatur line.

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CRE Functions Becoming More Aligned With C-Suite

A recent survey of corporate real estate executives finds an increased focus on the strategic aspects of CRE within companies.

Wisconsin: Where Collaboration Drives Industry Advancement

From water technology and food processing to energy, power and control, companies in Wisconsin that recognize their mutual dependency and have formed partnerships to address common challenges are thriving and creating new economic opportunities.

Lack Of Skilled Talent A Threat To Meeting Business Goals

Sixty-seven percent of companies are more concerned about employee turnover than they were last year, according to a new survey by Randstad US.

London, New York Top Global Cities 2016

A.T. Kearney’s Global Cities 2016 can help businesses make key investment decisions such as where to place regional and global headquarters, as well as manufacturing and research hubs.

Chinese Real Estate Investment Plays Growing Role In U.S. Economy

Chinese investment in U.S. real estate has grown dramatically since 2010, according to a new report by Asia Society and Rosen Consulting Group.

Foreign Direct Investment: On the Rebound?

U.S. and China hold top two Foreign Direct Investment positions for fourth straight year; Canada ranks #3; Germany rises to #4 to lead Europe.