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Happy Birthday, Big Blue

When you get some cash from an ATM today, start humming "Happy Birthday." When you take the cash over to the grocery store and watch your selections get scanned by the cashier, keep the song going. When you power up your PC and check out last night's lunar eclipse on YouTube....well, you get the idea. IBM is 100 years old today. It's hard to believe Big Blue has been around for a century. After all, the hug ...

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Pants On Fire

  Rep. Anthony Weiner says he's not going to resign. The New York congressman has been caught, literally, with his pants down by the online tabloid snoops who keep their eyes peeled for this kind of stuff. After several days of indignant denials, Weiner finally stepped up to the mike on Tuesday and admitted that he did in fact transmit several revealing photos from his Weiner collection to at least six ...

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