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Aluminum Means 100+ Jobs for Indiana

80/20 Inc.—a designer and producer of modular extruded aluminum framing for industrial and home-hobby applications—plans to expand its operations in Columbia City, Indiana, about...

GM Plant Expansion Eyed in Kentucky

A state panel has approved tax incentives for a possible expansion at the General Motors assembly plant in Bowling Green. The Kentucky Economic Development Finance...

U.S. Economy Grows, Unemployment Down

Strong business hiring last month brought the unemployment rate down to its lowest level in two years, the U.S. government has reported. The...

Fire and Water

In an age of bottled water, it is refreshing to remember that the best-tasting water in America still can be found flowing out of...

CCAM Breaks Ground in Virginia

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and the presidents of the University of Virginia, Virginia Tech and Virginia State University today joined with executives from some...

Kansas City, KS Wins Google’s 1 Gig Network

Internet giant Google has selected Kansas City, KS as the location for which it will build a fiber-optic network that will provide Internet...

U.S. DOT Calls for National Freight System

In a major step forward for U.S. transportation policy and the nation’s goods movement industry, the Obama Administration, in its 2012 U.S. Department of...

Firestone Expands in Prescott, AZ

Firestone Building Products Company is celebrating the expansion of its Prescott manufacturing facility, which will result in 100 new jobs, along with 418 jobs...

You say Qadhafi, I say Gaddafi

  World leaders are struggling to reach a consensus on how to deal with the upheaval in Libya. Many questions remain unanswered: Will NATO's no-fly zone...

idX Corp. Expands Manufacturing in Texas

Store fixture firm idX Corp. will receive $360,000 from the Texas Enterprise Fund (TEF) for expansion of its recently acquired manufacturing facility in Cuero. "This...

Advanced Materials Development Expands in IN

Advanced Materials Development, LLC, a manufacturer of premium metal alloys and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fort Wayne Metals Research Products Corporation, announced today that...

First Solar Plans $300-Million Factory in Mesa, AZ

First Solar Inc., one of the world's top solar-panel makers, has announced that it plans to begin work next month on a...

U.S. Military May Evacuate Japan Bases

The U.S. military is considering the mandatory evacuation of thousands of American troops and their families in Japan out of concern over rising radiation...

Officials Raise Threat Level at Fukushima

Japan’s nuclear safety agency has raised the assessment of the severity of the disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi power station to 5 ...

Severe Radiation Forces Workers to Retreat

The effort to contain the release of radiation at the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station has been stymied because radiation levels at the...

Flight From Tokyo Sets Off Radiation Alarm at O’Hare

Federal officials found traces of radiation on a United Airlines jet that arrived at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport from Tokyo Wednesday ...

Reactor Vessels Breached at Fukushima

The situation at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station in Japan worsened considerably in the past 24 hours. Japanese officials have indicated...

1000 Generations

In Japan, the word Sendai means "1000 generations." According to local lore, the feudal warlord Date Masamune chose this name for the coastal city in northeastern...

Fire at Fukushima Reactor Spews Radiation

The evacuation expands as 50 remaining plant workers struggle to put out a fire in a basin containing spent fuel rods from reactor No. 4.

How To Help

Here is a brief list of relief organizations and information services that are mobilizing to help the people of Japan: The U.S. State Department...

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